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Warrior.png First Degree Felon

User SacredGee First Degree Felon.jpg

Campaign:Guild Wars Nightfall logo.png
Date of Birth:11 July 2009
Age:10 years and 155 days

Tyrian Protector

Titles and Honors:


9624 - Sunspear Castellan (8)
2342 - Brave Lightbringer (3)

Eye Of The North

154 - Adventurer of the North (1)
28421 - Slayer of Wurms (5)
11603 - Not too Clumsy (3)
14414 - Gutsy Delver (3)
8986 - Stealth Agent (3)


45.2% - No Tyrian Cartographer title
71.9% - Canthan Pathfinder (2)
70.2% - Elonian Pathfinder (2)


2 - Not A Big Deal
2 - No title earned

User:SacredGee/Temp/Treasure Box

Mission Progression

21 - No Tyrian Protector title earned
13 - Canthan Protector (1)
20 - Elonian Protector(1)

0 - No Tyrian Guardian title earned
2 - No Canthan Guardian title earned
2 - No Elonian Guardian title earned (1)

Vanquish Progression

Vanquish Progress
0 - No Tyiran Vanquisher title earned
01 - No Canthan Vanquisher title earned
02 - No Elonian Vanquisher title earned

Armor Sets:


Icy Dragon Sword.pngIcy_Dragon_Sword
Tormented Shield.pngTormented_Shield

Favorite Build

Defy Pain.jpg
Power Attack.jpg
Barbarous Slice.jpg
Enraging Charge.jpg
Lion's Comfort.jpg
Endure Pain.jpg

Elite Skills


Acolyte Jin wearing Zaishen armor Acolyte Sousuke wearing Zaishen armor Dunkoro wearing Elite Sunspear armor General Morgahn wearing Kournan armor Goren wearing Vabbian armor Koss wearing Elite Sunspear armor Margrid the Sly wearing Corsair armor Master of Whispers wearing Mysterious armor Melonni wearing Sunspear armor Norgu wearing Thespian armor Olias wearing Krytan armor Razah wearing Mysterious armor Tahlkora wearing Istani armor Zenmai wearing Am Fah armor
Zhed Shadowhoof wearing Veldrunner armor Jora wearing Norn armor Pyre Fierceshot wearing Charr armor Ogden Stonehealer wearing Dwarven armor Livia wearing Shining Blade armor Gwen wearing Ebon Vanguard armor Vekk wearing Asuran armor Anton wearing Ebon Vanguard armor Xandra wearing Turtle Clan armor Hayda wearing Shining Blade armor Kahmu wearing Vabian armor MOX acquired Keiran not acquired Miku not acquired Zei Ri not acquired