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The waters of the scrying pool remained motionless as Maila stared into its depths, asking, pleading for answers. They had won the battle against the Great Destroyer, but she had lost the war for her heart. Her one true love had disappeared from her sight, but no matter how hard she wished, he would never disappear from her memories. Tears fought to stream down her cheeks as she thought of all the happiness lost. What a future they could have had!
She stared into the waters for a moment longer, but nothing came. She was on her own now and nothing but his return would change anything.

Rune Elementalist Sup.png

The eight members of the Forsaken Covenant. Ordered by rank.

User Sarifael MailaE.jpg Maila Ereson: The elected leader of the Covenant and the most fashionable woman in all of Tyria.
Ranger-tango-icon-200.png Lazarus Kheiron: Maila's best friend and supporter.
Ritualist-tango-icon-200.png Lazarus Haides: The yin to Kheiron's yang, Haides is powerful warlock who is almost always right.
User Sarifael GarethK.jpg Gareth Kyler: The malignant dark magic specialist whose true motives to join the Covenant are unknown.
User Sarifael RhiV.jpg Rhiannon the Vensar: The Covenant's chief spy and assassin.
User Sarifael FaenorT.jpg Faellanor Tahahd: The raw elemental power of the group who rarely takes orders.
User Sarifael JasperT.jpg Jasper Tyden: Prince Khait's loyal slave-friend, treated as brother by all.
User Sarifael VennaA.jpg Venna Ammon: Gifted by the gods, she is truly an essential member of the team.
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Hey! I have been a wiki user for quite some time. I haven't gotten around to doing much, but i'm getting there!
I mainly do small grammatical fixes and the like, but i've begun to branch out a bit more lately...

My main character is Maila Ereson, a lovely mesmer, who is willing to help if she can!

Here's what Maila has to accomplish in order to achieve 50/50 in her Hall of Monuments! CALCULATOR