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Assassin-icon.png Setsuko Kave
Scorpion Wire.jpg Scorpion Wire is Setsuko Kave's favorite skill.
User SetraKave SetsukoKave2.jpg

  • History:
"I'll smile when you die. Sorry you won't see it"
  • Assassin/whatever she wants
  • Level 20, Canthan
  • Female
  • Height: Shorter then normal
  • Age: 79 hr 45 minutes
  • Experience: 166,847
  • Armor:
the Guise and Gloves are max Assassin Seitung armor
and Leggings and Shoes are max Assassin Canthan armor
  • Pet:
  • Heroes:
  • Heroes with upgraded armor:
  • Heroes to get:
  • Titles:
  • None = She's to crazy to care about titles
  • Non-title statues I have in my Hall of Monuments:
  • Non-title 1
  • Non-title 2
  • Non-title 3
  • Goals:
  • to obtain my Assassin Elite Kurzick armor
  • to finish Factions
  • to capture all the elites for her profession
  • to be a mean and nasty PvP Assissin
  • Favorite Weapons
User SetraKave SetsukoWeapon2.jpg User SetraKave SetsukoWeapon3.jpg

  • Builds:

Critical Eye.jpg
Way of Perfection.jpg
Critical Defenses.jpg
Jagged Strike.jpg
Wild Strike.jpg
Critical Strike.jpg
Shadow Refuge.jpg
Resurrection Signet.jpg
Djinn's Shadow Prison Assassin
Dark Prison.jpg
Flame Djinn's Haste.jpg
Black Lotus Strike.jpg
Twisting Fangs.jpg
Black Spider Strike.jpg
Blades of Steel.jpg
Resurrection Signet.jpg
A/E Djinn's Shadow Prison Assassin