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Part 1[edit]

This game is stupid. Every single build out there is designed to farm. Every single build out there is a farming build. People farm rating and titles in pvp. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Chess players can't farm other chess players by placing 15 queens on their board. You can do that in Build Wars. Starcraft players cannot farm other tournament players by building Battlecruisers from their command center. You can do that in Build Wars.

So today I was in Random Arenas on my ranger. Here's my bar:

Keen Arrow.jpgMelandru's Shot.jpgSavage Shot.jpgDistracting Shot.jpgApply Poison.jpgInspired Hex.jpgLightning Reflexes.jpgResurrection Signet.jpg

Don't ask why Keen was on there...

Anyway, I am not a top notch ranger by any means, as I almost never play one in high end pvp (by this I mean gvg). However, I'm not the dumbasses who sit on one person in RA and spam interrupts on recharge. I know what to Dshot, and I know how to spread conditions. Here's the first bar that made me unable to play:

Visions of Regret.jpgEmpathy.jpg

He casted Empathy and I dshotted it, then he fast casted VoR. Luckily, my team was terrible and I was not balled up with them, so I'm the only person who got it on me. As soon as I see VoR go up, I hit 6 for Ihex, and my bar turns into:

Keen Arrow.jpgMelandru's Shot.jpgSavage Shot.jpgDistracting Shot.jpgApply Poison.jpgWastrel's Worry.jpgLightning Reflexes.jpgResurrection Signet.jpg

And I take 80 damage for playing the game. I can still attack and cause poison, and that's what I do, but after maybe 4 seconds of having VoR, my balled up team was being killed by:

Searing Flames.jpgGlowing Gaze.jpgSearing Flames.jpgSearing Flames.jpgSearing Flames.jpgGlowing Gaze.jpg

I was thinking about sacrificing 1/3 of my remaining health to savage some of the ele's damage, but our warrior was using Death Nova, so there's a good chance I was a hundred times better than the rest of my team combined. Because there was no possible way for me to beat a single mesmer, even with hex removal and interrupts, i resigned and entered the next match.

Next match, I get a little luckier. We don't have a warrior with Death Nova. We have a mesmer (VoR, because mesmers are for damage right?), myself, a rit (idk wtf he was doing), and a bad warrior who thought he was a backliner. The other team has a monk, so I immediately know I can't win, since my team is a bunch of retards who probably haven't even figured out the other team is made up of four people. They also had a LC necro, which of course means I couldn't do anything the whole match, as IHex and every cover hex in the game have the same cast time, I could not remove insidious fast enough. I rage 10 seconds after I die and don't get ressed, then I go in again.

This time, we have me, a warrior, an ele, and a sin. The other team is a Primal Rage warrior (who was in PR 100% of the time), a fire ele, a PS sin, and a ranger with pretty much my build (cause only 1 ranger build is viable in this game). The first thing I do is savage the other ranger's apply because he's an idiot and didn't think rangers brought interrupts. Then I dshotted the sins PS. One of them now has zero damage, and one of them has only interrupts. How could we lose right? We end up killing everything but the ele and have one man down. The ele meteors me on my res sig and kills me with it. Two people left alive on my team. Neither of them brought res, or they play without the party window open. The warrior runs up to the ele (who has Mystic Regen, because it's still overpowered) and proceeds to frenzy while taking immolates for around 110 and searing flames for probably 160. He dies. Then the sin decides, when he has 10% health left, to use res sig on someone. Needless to say, he fails and we lose, even though we wiped their whole team. I shutdown TWO people on the other team and we still die, mainly because 1: Fire elees are overpowered and 2: Random Arenas is filled with people who probably can't beat presearing.

I'm about fed up with losing to shitty unfair game mechanics. I decide to go in one more time. I am delighted to find that I HAVE BEEN GIVEN TWO MONKS!!!!!! The other person is an ele. The gates open, both monks resign and stand there. Me and the ele walk outside a little, thinking we can get these dumbasses to actually play the game. They move around a little and come out of the gates, so we think they're gonna come heal us. We engage the enemy team, and not one of the monks casts a single skill. Instead, they run around in circles and tank enemy damage. I report them both for leeching. Back to town after we lose.

I try to go in again, and to my surprise, I have acquired the dishonorable hex. I raged once earlier, and I'm guessing reporting people is against the rules. I then quit to work on my game and write this.

In summary: I lost to 3 teams because they brought broken skills I could not counter no matter what I did in response, I lost because not a single person in Random Arenas has a brain or knows the first thing about pvp or ressing, I lost because I never got a monk, and when I did, they didn't play, and I got temporarily banned for using a part of the game ArenaNet tells us to use every time we enter a match. Fuck you.

Now I'm going to run a build that takes no skill and tell you all how it goes.

Part 2[edit]

Ok here's what I switched to:

Visions of Regret.jpgBackfire.jpgEmpathy.jpgCry of Frustration.jpgWastrel's Worry.jpgEnergy Burn.jpgGuilt.jpgResurrection Signet.jpg

I have 1 minute left on my dishonor...wait a second...

Ok my first team is me, 2 fire eles, and a warrior with shock, meteor, grapple, and hammer bash. I die to a ride the lightning assassin who KDs me twice in a row. Anyways, he took 400 damage from empathy before i died, and we ended up winning. I pretty much killed someone with 1 skill.

Next match, I get a power block mesmer camped on me. I am a me/e with 7 dom skills. He spammed shame on me like it was going out of style. When he did power block me, he followed it up with diversion (wtf), which I didn't mind becaquse I couldn't use skills anyway. They had two healers, but we killed them somehow.

Next match, I put empathy on the other team's assassin, thinking he was an assassin. I was wrong. He did 500 damage, 2 KDs, and DW to me with a dancing daggers chain. Our warrior (the one with 7 knockdowns) couldn't attack because of the enemy necro. The enemy mesmer (same one from last match) of course camped me with shame, which I ignored. After I ressed, I got a teammate up, and the assassin solod every single one of us, because there is currently no counter to that build.

This build just isn't fast enough. It has real build shutdown, but it can't beat overpowered gimmicky bullshit like dancing daggers. Time to make another character.

Mend Body and Soul.jpgSoothing Memories.jpgCaretaker's Charge.jpgArcane Echo.jpgInspired Hex.jpgChanneling.jpgProtective Was Kaolai.jpgResurrection Signet.jpg

This time I'm running something original. Usually I echo Xinrae's Weapon, because it's broken up to its scalp, but this time I want to blow people up, so I bring a signet that does 80 damage and heals 50 health every 4 seconds (2 in my case).

First match: We fight against a paragon, a sword warrior, a necro, and two VoR mesmers (yes 5 people). We flawlessed them, because I have hex removal, damage, damage, healing, healing, healing, damage, healing, and infinite energy.

One of our eles leaves and we pick up a monk. Now we have the healing power of 3 monks and the damage power of 4 eles. We fight a team with a scythe warrior (who I solo because I heal more with my damage skill than he damages with his damage skills.)

Next match we fight an ether prism ele which we cannot kill because his rit heals heal more than my heals do damage. They flawless us, but we win because someone on their team left.

Next match we fight 2 blood necros, a fire ele, and an assassin with no knockdowns (yeah I was surprised too). I called targets for our mesmer to spike with me (cause he's not really a mesmer, he's ride the lightning) and we one by one kill their whole team. Flawless.

Next match we fight 2 hammer wars, a ranger (with the one ranger build in existence), and a monk. Me and the mesmer kill the monk 4 times (because everything is broken and monks are only slightly overpowered) before winning. Flawless

Next match, we fight 2 hex mesmers (which of course cannot be countered), a ranger spamming 3 interrupts on random targets, and a monk. We died to degen, because hexes are broken as fuck. I think I got 2 glad points (It's double shit build reward weekend). They got flawless.

So, I switched to a rit (which is basically a monk and an air ele rolled into one), and we either flawlessed other teams or they flawlessed us, or both in one case. My job was basically clicking on non-full red bars (ally or enemy) and using any skill I have. I was able to do ~50 damage per second and healing myself at the same time with my broken elite skill, keeping the whole party up from degen with a broken rit heal party, and keeping enemy spikes useless with overpowered rit spot heals. I had channeling mainly for the lulz, cause everything else on my bar costs an average of 2 energy. This game is so balanced.

Maybe I should re-edit this page every time I do something and make it like a diary of how shitty this game is.

Part 3[edit]

When an assassin (it doesn't matter what he's running) can solo this:

Devastating Hammer.jpg
Devastating Hammer
Crushing Blow.jpg
Crushing Blow
Heavy Blow.jpg
Heavy Blow
Distracting Blow.jpg
Distracting Blow
Enraging Charge.jpg
Enraging Charge
Lion's Comfort.jpg
Lion's Comfort

It's too overpowered.

Let me explain.

This hammer warrior bar has two chainable knockdowns, an interrupt, a 120+ self heal that gives you 3 adrenaline, and a skill that instantly gives you 3 or 4 adrenaline. I fought a Palm Strike assassin with NO KNOCKDOWNS. His only self heal was Shadow Refuge. His combo was pretty dumb, but it didn't matter how dumb it was, because his bar had at least 5, probably 6 attack skills on it, meaning I could land a KD or the interrupt on an attack skill EVERY TIME (which I almost did), and he would still have a full combo recharged. We were hitting each other and using our self heals for close to a minute before his final Palm Strike actually got through and killed me.

PROFUCKINGTIP: When a shitty player mashing buttons on an assassin can kill a good player on a hammer warrior, it's fucking broken. This is why nobody pvps in GW anymore. It's not fun losing to people who have less brain cells than you have fame.