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Suggestions on the mechanics on the HoM[edit]

I really like the idea mentioned here of GW2 having a HoM displaying the weapons you placed in it in GW1, and then any character you make in GW2 could choose to take them out in the form of a "token", which can be exchanged for a "Legacy" weapon corresponding with the type of weapon in the HoM. The Legacy weapon would be a unique GW2 skin.

This would mean that the GW2 HoM would have to be account-wide, so you can choose which character you created in GW2 is going to "inherit" a weapon. And you'd have to be able to choose any weapon you placed in the HoM. This way you could create multiple classes and select the Legacy weapon you can best use on your new character(s) out of one account-wide HoM.

There is another thing I would like to see:

  • Make weapons placed in the HoM dedicated and not customized.
  • Make the HoM's of all your characters add up in the GW2 account-wide HoM.

Why? Because now in Gw1 the HoM's are character based. We currently don't know how the Gw2 HoM will work. The way it looks now, it's not wise to spread out all your accomplishments, minipets, hero alite armor and valor weapons across your characters, because you'll end up with multiple half-filled HoM's. So to be on the safe side, people collect stuff like mini's, elite armor for heroes and themselves and destroyer weapons, and add them in the HoM of their MAIN character. This results in two problems imo:

  • Because valor weapons get customized, you can only use them on the selected main character and his/her heroes. This makes no sense to me, as I'd like to be able to use these elite weapons on my own characters, not my main characters' heroes. Make them either dedicated or, better yet, make sure all Gw1 HoM's are added up in the Gw2 HoM (which therefore should need to be account wide!), and problem solved.
  • As long as we don't know how the Gw2 HoM will work, people that like to hunt for titles and stuff to place in their HoM, will start using their secondary characters less, and their main character more. This results in less variety in classes in the game being played, which is bad imo.

So to conclude: Making the Gw2 HoM account wide AND adding up all achievements, minipets, hero armor, valor-weapons and elite armor from all your GW1 HoM's into the Gw2 HoM would ensure multiple positive things:

  • people would no longer feel the need to play ONE main character in Gw1, making the game more diverse again. (title hunting on multiple characters is more fun too imo, unless you want to have a high KoaBD title)
  • you could customize whichever weapon you like on whichever character you have on your Gw1 account to their respective HoM's, and continue using them on those characters instead of the main characters heroes. The Gw2 HoM would display them all anyway.
  • Having Elite armor on multiple characters would pay off. Of course, elite armor of a certain profession would only be availabe as "legacy" armor in Gw2 to a character of a corresponding class (which doesn't necesarily have to be the same profession, as Gw2 will probably have entirely different classes)
  • Double achievements would just be available as "legacy" titles in Gw2 as many times as you achieved them in Gw1. You could choose which characters in Gw2 inherit which titles. Same with double weapons.

Lastly I'd like to see it possible to add ALL end-game greens from ALL campaigns to the HoM. Possibly also tormented weapons. Sjeng 08:30, 25 April 2008 (UTC)

As of october 2008, it has been announced by Regina that the HoM will become account-wide. Great news! And Tormented weapons can also be added. Great!
Now all we need to know is how the mechanics will work in GW2, but I guess we'll have to wait for GW2 to arrive first. --Sjeng talk 13:21, 17 October 2008 (UTC)

Storage Suggestions[edit]

With all the storage problems people are having, due to all the stuff you can acquire in guildwars but have insufficient place to store, I suggest this:

  • 1- I'd really like an option to manage ALL my characters inventories plus my storage all at once.

Imagine a window or a full screen display if you will with all of your characters' inventories next to each other, say up to 5 inventories in one screen (1 row of 5 inventories) and all your Xunlai tabs on the bottom (tabs 1 through 4 and the materials tab next to eachother.) So you'd have 2 rows of 5 tabs in total.

In this window you can easily drag and drop all of your stuff to whatever spot you like.

If you have more than 5 characters, you can simply scroll through tabs with a "left" and "right" arrow button on the left and right side of the window/screen (kind of like the character selection screen, only your inventories just swap 1 place instead of "sliding" along like your characters). You could also add heroes with a rolldown menu, and manage their gear as well. Pre-searing characters would be greyed out.

Here's a photoshop image of this idea. R.Shayne also made a screenie that sort of shows what I'm thinking of.

Reason: this would shave off SO much time managing your items, logging in with character A, placing stuff in your already brimming xunlai storage, logging out, selecting character B, wait for another loading screen of wherever you left that character, map to the GH, wait again, etc. etc. etc.

that would be my idea for the /storage command, or simply a new hotkey window.

  • 2- Also, I'd love options to store:
-1000 materials instead of 250 (elite armor always needs over 250 of 1 common kind to craft, but it's never available if you only use the storage tab for materials, so at least for the common materials make them stack up to 1000),
-armor for each individual character.

I can understand that stacking some items might not be desirable, because people would start storing stuff like runes and mods more, and they wouldn't be used or forgotten, so I can live with runes, insignia's and weapon mods not being stackable. But the rest is really in need of some storage facility. The Xunlai agent could simply get another tab with 10 slots specifically reserved for dye (all except grey, up to 250 each) and 10 slots for normal skill tomes (elites are better off being sold then stored), and 1 tab much like the materials tab that can only hold roughly 50 minipets. That alone would solve a lot of storage issues imo.

Books should preferably be carried with your toons, so you don't have to pay for adding pages later, ánd you can check which missions you've completed quickly. I've suggested the tomes being stored in your toon's [H]ero window, as that's with you always. It could hold 1 of each book in the game, including the MOX, Jin and BMP books. It would register what you do, and simply erase the contents if you hand over a book to an NPC for the reward.

Then make common materials at least stack up to 1000 pieces and add an armor storage for each individual toon that holds 20 armor pieces of any kind (4 complete sets). This armor storage should preferably be added to your inventory. I understand from Linsey's wiki page that an armor "box" or "book" could possibly store armor, but it would forget any runes/insignia's and dyes you put on them, so imo this isn't an option. If I want to switch armor, then it's for use with a specific build, not for aesthetics, so the runes and insignia's are vital. Not to mention some of them are dyed black or white or even pre-dye-update mixed. I don't want to lose all that. So imo a better solution would be to simply add another backpack-like inventory piece that can store up to 20 armor pieces only, including festival hats. 4 armor sets for different uses should be enough, added to the one you're already wearing. If you need more, then that's a choice you make.

You see, most of my characters have more than 1 armor set, for different builds/purposes. Most have a headpiece for each attribute with a superiour rune on them too. That's 4 extra slots for 1 extra armor plus 3 extra headpieces, aside from what my toons are wearing. Then there's the weapon sets for each build. That takes up 4 slots at the minimum if you're a caster using staves. With wands/offhands you could need up to 8 slots minimum. My warrior has multiple shields, axes, swords and hammers. Each more fit for certain builds (sundering/zealous/tactics/strength/stance/enchanted/energy). My ranger has a huge collection of green bows, plus 3 armor sets, leaving him with 4 free slots. He's currently reduced to a daily Zaishen challenge trapper, because he simply can't play PvE anymore. Quite ironic, as he's equipped to handle any PvE situation, yet can't play it because I wouldn't be able to pick up anything...

Then there's at least 1 spot for keys, 1 for a minipet I like to bring along, 3 for ID/salvage kits, 2 for consumables (DP removal, attrib boosts), 1 for a book (although most carry more than 1, because I like to play all chapters). That's 20 slots at the minimum, and 30 slots at most.

Which leaves me with 15~25 free slots. Mind you that this is including the fact that I keep 1 storage slot free for temporary storage of stuff that's usually in my inventory, but I don't have to bring along all the time. The other 3 Xunlai tabs are filled with consumables (booze, party stuff, sweets with PvE buffs, cons), minipets, tomes and dyes. The remaining free inventory space is usually just enough to do one dungeon or vanquish, after which I need to unload all the stuff I got.

Unloading means:

  • salvaging runes/insignia's/weapon mods I can use for heroes or guildmates and dumping them onto my secondary storage account,
  • dumping common materials I already salvaged during PvE onto the storage account,
  • dumping usefull collectable drops onto the storage account,
  • merching the rest.

This takes quite some time to do. Then theres the matter of dividing the usefull stuff amongst my own toons and their heroes. Which again means logging out and back in with each of them, checking my heroes to see if they still need anything, taking runes/insignia's/weapons/mods back from my storage account onto my main account, upgrading my heroes, etc. etc.

This is so incredibly time consuming that it's just not fun anymore. You won't believe the data sheets I've made already to remember which hero is equipped with what, if they have runes/insignia's, if they still need a better gear or weapon mod, if I even have them all yet on this or that toon. It's driving me crazy. This is an RPG, not a storage management game! I've NEVER had this issue in ANY RPG I've played so far. There's just so much to have in guildwars, like minipets, books, armor/weapon upgrades, dyes, keys, armor, green/gold weapons, etc. yet there's not enough room to store it all. I'm constantly forced to make tough decisions wether to keep some item or to merch it. And then after another huge cleanup some guildie asks me if I happen to have this or that weapon or mod or rune or insignia, and I have to disappoint them, because I've just cleared out anything I'm not using myself, because there's simply no room to hang onto anything you're not using.

I'd be overjoyed if even one of these suggestions would be implemented. I'd be extatic if everything under point 2 would be implemented. I'd personally go to the USA and kiss Linsey if both points would be implemented lol. Sjeng talk 09:28, 18 November 2008 (UTC)

I simply love the Platinum Sommoning Stone suggestion. Sjeng talk 11:00, 24 November 2008 (UTC)

Account Security[edit]

Some ideas that might make hacking less interesting and accounts safer:

  • After a password has been reset, you cannot trade/drop/salvage/delete items for 24 hours. This gives players time to send in a ticket to support if they receive an email telling them that their password has been reset, and they weren't the one who reset it. Then support will lock the account within these 24 hours, so the hacker can't do anything with yuor stuff.
  • Please Anet give us the option to "lock" our characters, so they cannot be deleted. Players could "lock" characters for a certain amount of time with the simple click of a button. If this time is close to expiring, simply click again. This time could be a week or a month.

This goes for GW2 as well :)