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Things I would like to see in GW[edit]

  • Modification to Traps and Spirits for Rangers
In a PvE environment, traps and ranger spirits are of a lot less use than in a pvp environment. The goal in a PvE environment is to get from point A to point B usually, and having things which are stationary really don't help much.

Spirits need a redesign. Specifically, they shouldn't usually affect both your allies and your enemies. A lot of spirit effects are negative, and as such a player who uses a spirit tends to shoot their own team in the foot when doing so. Having beneficial spirit effects working on just allies, and negative effects working on just opponents, would do a lot of good. Also, I think spirits should follow the ranger, staying close-at-hand. If it moved at 'walking' speed, this should generally be good enough. The thing is already a low-HP thing which is vulnerable to attack, so why not have it mobile?

Personally, I think a better way to have done it is something akin to Monk Enchantments. The Ranger does a charge-up, and invests one point of Energy Regeneration to provide an effect on the environment. If he doesn't want the effect active, he drops it. A ranger would be inclined to, perhaps, have only one such effect active, which should be fine. It would still have the normal spirit AoE, but be centred on the ranger.

Traps are a huge pain in the rump in PvE. Enemies put them to good use, but then the enemy has a lot of time to prep before the players come into the area. In most cases, rangers don't have the luxury to do this kind of prep work. Sure, there might be patrols, but usually the ranger is trying to get somewhere, and putting up traps just slows things down. Rather, I would like to see traps have a larger AoE in PvE -- having it be a wider spread (shout distance, or perhaps just a bit more) would be usually sufficient. It would allow the ranger to hit more than just the people right adjacent to him -- a position most rangers shouldn't even be in. A ranger is a bow-monkey usually, and setting traps then waiting for enemies to come there is just counter-intuitive in a PvE environment.