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Started with the Beta Test, fell out of use, then got back into the game. Enjoying myself, finished Prophesies, and now just trying to collect pets and prestige armour. I co-lead our guild with my sister.

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PvE This user plays PvE only.
From Canada
Age 37 years old
Server America
Campaign(s) Prophecies
Eye of the North
Alliance Kurzick
Favorite Skill Ranger Barrage
North America 70x40.png This user plays in the
North American territory.
GWW-shield.png This user plays all GW campaigns: Core, Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North, and Beyond.
User Saxxon gwen.jpg This user plays the Eye of the North expansion.
This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
Barrage.jpg Barrage is Tashiro's favorite skill.

Yes Likes

  • PvE
  • War in Kryta
  • Collecting Pets
  • Collecting Prestige Armour
  • Testing Ranger Builds
  • Solo / Limited Group Play
  • Polymock
  • The little in-jokes scattered throughout Guild Wars.
  • Hard Mode

No Dislikes

  • PvP (can't stand PvP)
  • Hard Missions

My Guild: Scions of Arion [ARIN][edit]

Named after Arion, a god of a few of my offline campaigns, the group nominally represents his chosen champions. We're a small guild, PvE almost exclusively, and the guild meets officially once a week, though a number of members appear during the week to do Nick runs and various other excursions. We're very friendly, helpful to new players, and willing to assist in a lot of PvE situations. I'm co-leader.

Guild Members Present[edit]



I've not really experimented much in GW for character builds. I've tried Assassin, but I'm quite content with my Ranger. I've always been a fan of ranged attackers in most games, and the Ranger fits perfectly for that kind of craving (even if I still feel the bow should allow for greater range).

Missing Pets and Heroes[edit]

None! Yay!

Most Wanted Mini Pets[edit]

Miniature Gwen Doll

Main Character
Ranger Tashiro Kurosawa

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