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Winds of Change[edit]

So far, Winds of Change has not been what I had hoped. The overall idea is cool, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. I'm going to talk about what I think was right and wrong with Winds of Change as it currently stands.

  • Enemies
The main complaint I hear is that many people are just sick and tired of the afflicted. They've encountered so many afflicted through the course of Factions, that the new afflicted just add to the ennui. In Prophesies, for example, you encounter a lot of mixed enemies -- there are the Charr in the early game, there are the undead later, then the White Mantle, and then there's the titans later. The afflicted make up a chunk of the opposition through Factions, and they're not that pretty or that interesting.
Having to face the afflicted in WoC is a chore. They're souped up, harder to deal with, and interact with each other too well. As one of my guild mates mentioned, 'they seem to be made to wipe out anything except for HM Underworld builds'. My guild mate is a veteran of the game (has GWAMMO for god's sake), and finds these things entirely too much trouble to bother with. This is saying a lot about the problem here. I accept that the afflicted should be dealt with in the game, but they shouldn't be a major obstacle that prevents people from even bothering to press forward.
  • Emotional Investment
The second problem is getting people emotionally invested early on. WiK was nice in that you knew who was involved and the stakes - you wanted Princess Salma to take the throne, and you had some of the heroes from EotN get involved. You had NPCs drop in to help you, giving colour commentary as you ran around. The story elements melded nicely with the overall campaign, making the players more involved with the events going on around them.
This is missing in WoC. What happened to all the heroes that you encountered through Factions? There were a score of characters that should be out and about, helping with the fight against the afflicted (and with the other threats later), but you see none of them. Why not have a former henchman show up as an NPC to join your group and run around with you, to give that connection to the Factions campaign? Yes, you have these Ministry of Purity figures, but the players don't know them, and they don't provide that connection to the past.

I'm going to open up the floor to my guild mates if they wish to add commentary here.

Tashiro 03:10, 12 October 2011 (UTC)