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Sandbox.png This page is a sandbox.

This is my sandbox. I've currently got userboxes here that are for more "personal" uses, as you can see, meaning they don't have a code yet. If I make them into an actual userbox with the correct code, they'll go into my finished user boxes page. I'm also playing around with various templates for myself and friends.

PvE Skill Unlock template (needs to be expandable)
Wish List
Mission Numbers (for templates)
Vanquish Numbers (for templates)

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Caria's Alternate Story
Caria was one of the Chosen villagers recruited by the White Mantle. However, she was rescued by the Shining Blade and witnessed the sacrifices of her fellow villagers. She then swore her devotion to the Shining Blade, and her sole purpose is to help Princess Salma regain the throne and end the White Mantle organization once and for all.