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Main Characters[edit]

Tender Wolf
Ranger-icon.png Tender Wolf
My main character and inspiration for Guild Wars 2. A survivor of the Searing, who was transported forward in time where she met her soul mate. Her family tree and legacy continues...
Andra Skyfire
Warrior-icon.png Andra Skyfire
A warrior whose adrenaline became her curse, causing her to defeat her greatest opponent to break it - herself.
Lilika Everstar
Elementalist-icon.png Lilika Everstar
An assumed witch who sympathizes with Shiro Tagachi and refuses to fight him, while possessing the power to see into the past and future.
Mimi Goldenwing
Paragon-icon.png Mimi Goldenwing
An actress whose life revolves around the stage and entertainment.
Nariko Dawnfire
Assassin-icon.png Nariko Dawnfire
The daughter of a corsair who becomes a bounty hunter to keep a promise to her father and still fulfill her blood-born desires of wealth.
Odette Ashcraft
Ritualist-icon.png Odette Ashcraft
A ritualist who gives her soul to Palawa Joko and agrees to become his bride in exchange for eternal life and youth.
Rosina Whirlwind
Dervish-icon.png Rosina Whirlwind
The reincarnation of the princess of Ahdashim before it was hidden.
Sakura Fireblossom
Monk-icon.png Sakura Fireblossom
A monk who is a geisha by day and a ninja by night.
Stella Crescentpath
Mesmer-icon.png Stella Crescentpath
A Zaishen member who falls in love with her partner.
Zoie Nightshade
Necromancer-icon.png Zoie Nightshade
A priestess touched by Abaddon whose soul lies trapped in the Realm of Torment for eternity.

Storage Characters[edit]

Caria Rosewind
Ranger-icon.png Caria Rosewind
A ranger killed during the Scarab Plague who was brought back to life when the events that began Nightfall occurred.
Xenia Moonring
Assassin-icon.png Xenia Moonring
A former mesmer cursed into being unable to cast spells who seeks a new path as an assassin for the White Mantle.