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Character Name
NA-icon.png Character Name
Let's write a little something here and see what happens...


Basically just fill in what you need for your character as per the following
{{User:Thulsey/Character Tables
| name=Your Character's Name
| campaign=Where the character is from
| profession=How your character kills things (Capitalize first letter! HAS to be a way around that!)
| text=What do you want to say about him or her? 
| photo=User You Image Name.jpg
| width=the width of the whole box. It defaults to 200, but you may have problems if you have long character names... 
And that's pretty much it...
This is a work-in-progress and plans are in place to work out things like line-height, table-cell spacing, and some font styling. As a result, it's recommended to use an image with a maximum width of 150px, with a height no greater than 400px. If you use more than one Character Table, you should probably make sure all images are the same resolution and size. (This may change in the future to allow for more dynamic things to be done and not all of it to be mandatory to include. Give me time!)
Please let me know on my Talk Page if you use this so I can make sure not to break it if I change something... And I would love to hear any feedback or suggestions you have, as well.

Example here.