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Making the menu:

Copy the following code to your User:"username"/Menu page:

|name1=Proclaimer of Faith
|name3=Spark in the Dark
... and so on untill you are done :-)
|Userboxes=Put your userboxes here

Important: Keep The first line {{User:Unox/Menu as it is, you can alter the rest of the info :)

This code will now look like this:

NA-icon.png My NA

GuildHallIcon.png Home
Monk-icon-small.png Proclaimer of Faith
Mesmer-icon-small.png Mesmer
Warrior-icon-small.png Spark in the Dark
NA-icon-small.png PvP
Put your userboxes here

Doing the character template

How the character template works you can find out here. Now you have that, you only need the menu to be on the left of the character template. To do this add the following code before the code you just coppied from the linked page.

|profession="the profession of your character you just did in the character template"


Words in ""'s are words you have to type yourself as they are variable on your username or data.

If you are working on your homepage you can fill in as above, but
| profession = Mainpage
| mainpage = 1


Please be so kind to give Lensor and Unox credits when you are using these templates.