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About Me[edit]

Been playing GW1 since Spring of '08 when a buddy who had gone to WoW (bless his heart) gave me his account with Tyria only. Quickly fell in love with GW and got the other 3 games. This was my first MMO so was very noob for quite a while.

I've completely gone into GW2 preparedness mode - buying Elite armors for all my characters; selling off their expensive weapons to get them Destroyer or Tormented weapons for their HoMs; maxing titles, etc. These expensive habits means I do alot of speed clears/farms to get money. But I'm ADD so get bored of those quickly and return to normal PvE play often. I hardly ever do PvP, tho did enough to get Rank 3 for my HoM.

Up to 48/50 on the HoM Calculator.


Oh jeez there's alot...most likely find me on:
(click the links to see my armor, current favorite PvE Skill bar, and HoM achievments)
  • Eilonwy Zimmerman, my warrior and main character. I have obtained several very difficult titles on her, such as Tyrian and Elonan Cartographer and both the Sweet Tooth and Life of the Party titles. I currently have 30 max titles and a full hall on her.
  • Gwydion Zimmerman, my monk. He's on my wife's account, so doesn't see as much play now that CoF runs got nerfed and VSF has declined.
  • Shrouded In Night, my sin. I created him right after I bought Factions, but didn't care for him because he couldn't tank as well as a war. I began playing him again for speed clears, and did FoW as MT, tho since SF nerf haven't. I do however use him extensively for SooSC and KathSC.
  • Z Godess of Wolves, my rit. Created her as a survivor, but got impatient doing Fronis, and accidentally died in PVE. Still wanted a rit, so kept her. I do Glaveway/SoS/ST DOA runs on her as well as PVE SoS.
  • The Darkside of Zim, my necro. Created in Pre to try to get to lvl 20, but about lvl 12 or 14 or something I gave up and crossed over to post. Of course I discord spam thru PVE with him, but mostly cuz I haven't found another elite I like yet. Spiteful Spirit and Feast of Corruption are ok, but still not my fav. I do FoWSc as MoP.


I am addicted to collecting mini's. Below is my growing collection - 76 in all plus need more 5th yr mini's. Update...probably done with mini's since it maxed out for GW2, so going to spend my money on different things. All are dedicated in my Warrior's Hall of Monuments.

1st Year[edit]

Wallow.jpg Hydra (Ascalon).jpg Jade armor.jpg Jungle Troll.jpg Zombie Horseman.jpg Siege Turtle.jpg Temple Guardian.jpg Yellow devourer.jpg Burning Titan.jpg Charr shaman.jpg Zunraa.jpg Prince Rurik.jpg Shiro Tagachi.jpg Bone Dragon.jpg

2nd Year[edit]

Aatxe.jpg Fire Imp.jpg Heket fighter.jpg Juggernaut.jpg Mandragor Imp.jpg Skree ranger.jpg Plant Wolf.jpg Wind Rider.jpg Elf.jpg Koss Sunspear armor.jpg Palawa Joko.jpg Undead Lich.jpg Water Djinn.jpg Gwen (Prophecies).jpg

3rd Year[edit]

Abyssal.jpg Lava spider.jpg Cloudtouched Simian.jpg Forest Minotaur.jpg Irukandji.jpg Mursaat caster.jpg Raptor.jpg Roaring Ether.jpg Freezie.jpg Nornbear.jpg Earthbound Ooze.jpg The Black Beast of Arrgh.jpg White Rabbit.jpg Mad King Thorn.jpg

4th Year[edit]

Abomination.jpg Desert Griffon.jpg File:MiniDredgeBrute.jpg Krait Neoss.jpg Kveldulf.jpg Quetzal Sly.jpg Yellow Dryder.jpg Word Of Madness.JPG Flowstone Elemental.jpg Jora.jpg Nian.jpg Miniature Dagnar Stonepate.jpg Fire Djinn.jpg Eye of Janthir.jpg

5th Year[edit]

Cobalt Scabara.jpg Candysmith Marley.jpg King Adelbern.jpg

  • If you have more the 5th year mini's at a decent price, feel free to pm me IG and if I have the cash/ecto we might just strike a deal.


Celestial Rat (summon).jpg Celestial ox.jpg Celestial Tiger.jpg

  • Sadly, I will probably never own the Miniature Celestial Pig. I didn't realize for the longest time that I didn't have him and now he's like 200+ ecto. :-(

Limited Release[edit]

Kuunavang.jpg Awakened ranger.jpg Varesh Ossa.jpg Mallyx the Unyielding.jpg Warthog.jpg Asura.jpg Destroyer of Flesh.jpg Miniature Ceratadon Appearance.JPG Black Moa Chick.jpg Rabbit (Brown).jpg Evennia.jpg Princess Salma.jpg Livia.jpg Smite Crawler.jpg

I would like to aquire these Limited Release mini's also:

Beyond that, I think most of the other Limited Release are pretty darn expensive, although I am unsure about the other WiK ones, so maybe someone could give me a price check on those on my discussion page.

Also if someone who knows a bit more about it than me could look over the order of my Limited Release minis. I tried to put the ones I have in the order of when they came out, but I had to guess on a couple. Again if someone sees one out of order, please throw that on my discussion page.