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my sandbox

Hey everyone,

This is my page. I have been playing long time now and just resently started writing a Guildwiki, (mostly asking questions tough) but if I see something I wll try and help out.

If you have some comments about my writing or other stuf please leave a message and I will try too work on it.

Me and Guildwars[edit]

I have been playing guildwars since the start of 2006. I stopped playing in that time sometimes but since the titles have entered the game i have been playing pretty constantly. I am stil in the guild I joined on the first day Realm of Shivana not one of the most active guilds in the game but probaly one of the nicest. In game I am mostly know as Herit of Mytholetie or with my pre-searing toon Defender of Trust wich is working slowly to his defender of ascalon title.

Me and guildwiki[edit]

The last time I have been checking the Nicholas the traveler talk page and I'm trying to be very active on the feature page project. I have not wrote any pages yet because I have not seen something witch I could write about. I hope that that will come though.

More coming up[edit]

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