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Characters Humor Suggestions Sandbox

Guild Wars 1 Suggestions[edit]

  • HoM Changes. In particular, the ability to order the display to my wishes, and also to allow the Animal Companion statue to display the name and type of the pet. It would substantially increase my enjoyment of the HoM concept. (One down, one to go?) Someone else suggested a 'full' Zaishen Menagerie give an additional statue of Melandru for the display; I kinda like that idea as well.
  • Pet Stable. I hate the idea of giving up a pet permanently. But if I could board them and rotate them, I'd probably tame more pets. OMG Zaishen Menagerie Yay!
  • Better material crafting prices. It seems odd to me that I can buy silk from the rare material trader for half of what I can craft it for, suggesting it's quite common, yet it costs four times as much to craft silk (or linen) as it does to craft leather squares. Things that are used in similar quantity in a similar fashion should have similar prices and similar availability.
  • Xunlai chests in the Divine Path and any other end area with a crafter. I only know about this because of the wiki, but thank goodness I do know, because I have a character I want Elite Canthan for... seriously, I'd hate to be an uninformed player finishing the game the first time, thinking "Oh, hey, there's an armor crafter here" and realizing they can't do anything but re-run the mission... grr.
  • Rangers can haz damage? Slow attacks and low base DPS might be okay if the skills that helped make up for it didn't keep getting nerfed. I'd like to see Expertise increase bow damage in addition to reducing skill costs, say +1 per 3 levels of Expertise. Or, y'know... stop nerfing my favorite skills in PvE for PvP reasons. That'd be nice, too.

Guild Wars Changes I Know Aren't Happening[edit]

I know that these things won't happen but boy would I like them:

  • Inscription Slots for all campaigns. Yes, it's a big project, yes, it'd change the earlier games a lot, no, I don't think they're likely to invest the time and methodology. But I'd still enjoy it. If I were to present this as a real suggestion, I would say all the unique item bonuses (ones that aren't covered by existing inscriptions) should remain unchanged in the game, but all the rest should be converted, though.
  • An NPC-driven method to sell weapons and weapon upgrades. I know, I'm probably not going to get this one. But still, a weapon-upgrade trader would not suck.
  • Key costs lowered. I doubt I'm ever going to see this one, either, but I've taken to not buying any mid-range keys because the items I get are rarely worth more than a third of the price of the key. The expensive ones at least give me title track points and items I'm more likely to use. The cheap ones are often worth it. But the middle ones, ugh. I suppose if I had an easy way to dispose of the items to players who might think they're worth more than a vendor does I might feel differently, see also the above suggestion.
  • Drunkard title to be account-wide. Also not happening, I know, but frankly, given the sheer amount of time required for this I am not even sure I will get it on one character, let alone more than one.

Guild Wars 2 Suggestions[edit]


  • No physical appearance based on profession. This one seems fairly self-explanatory.
    • That would also mean that any height slider would have nothing to do with profession. Seriously, that's just weird. What if I want a short elementalist?
  • Some variance in body type (also not tied to profession). Bulky, lithe, average would do. Again, both genders. For a bit more variance: skinny, lithe (that's small build, not necessarily thin for size), average, stout (that's wide, not necessarily fat) and overweight. Although I mainly have in mind Humans and Norn here, I imagine the Charr (who display variance in GW1) could easily have some, too. Asura and Sylvari may only come in one size fits all, I guess.
  • Weapons for everyone. While weapon skills being tied to profession makes sense, I'm still disappointed that after seeing the Prophecies Mesmer depicted with a sword, I can't do that without either substantially lowering my weapon damage or taking Warrior as a secondary. I'd like to see this change, whether that means eliminating stat requirements for weapon damage (while retaining them for bonuses) or some other method.


Armor and Weapons[edit]

  • Armor styles that cross professions. Weapons in GW1 are available with same skin, different stats. It's a pity armor doesn't work that way, so I'd like to see it that way in GW2.
  • Fully dyeable armor. Please, no more "here's your armor, here's your tons of undyeable brown (or whatever)". Give us two parts to dye on two-toned armor; I'd much rather use up more dye than be stuck working around a colour I may not even like. Or do it in white and shades grey so dye applies differently to different bits. Trim is fine, provided it's in a neutral color (white/grey/black and various metals, say).
  • More choices for modesty vs teh sexxay within a single profession's armor (or within a single armor type, if cross-profession armor is available). I don't mind there being say-hi-to-my-cleavage or short skirts if there is also something else available, but when that's more or less all there is, I find it very bothersome. (This applies to both genders... I'm sure there are guys out there who'd love to have shirtless options for their elementalalists or whatever. It probably applies to all the non-Charr races.)
  • Fewer weapon upgrade sub-types. GW1 weapon upgrades 'of Fortitude' would be a good example here. Having it be every single number available between 10 and 30 inclusive is a bit much; having it go up by 5 instead would be a lot better. Better still would be 10/20/25/30. Assuming that weapon upgrades work even similarly, of course.

Prices, Buying, and Selling[edit]

  • Auction house or traders for everything. If I wanted to be in sales, I could be. I don't want to do it as a job or in my leisure activity. I don't want to spend my gaming time standing around in a town broadcasting "WTS 15 weapon upgrades pst for info", and I don't want to spend my gaming time standing around in a town watching other people do the same to figure out the going prices for things in a player-driven economy. (Incidentally, for anyone who thinks this is "too much like WoW", I have three things to say: a) WoW didn't invent the concept, as I saw it on MUDs, b) trying to make a game with zero things WoW has is pointless, and c) the source of a good idea is immaterial anyhow.)
  • Regularized piece prices. Since crafting may be somewhat different in GW2 (hard to tell from the currently available information), this may not apply, but I want to repeat something in the GW1 suggestions above: Things that are used in similar quantity in a similar fashion should have similar prices and similar availability. It should not cost me more to craft the same level/rarity of armor for one class than for another.


  • Moar mutually-exclusive quests and/or missions. I love seeing the same basic story in two different ways, and if I'm going to repeat things anyhow for multiple characters, which I will end up doing, might as well give me some variance. Plus adding new races gives all sorts of new hook possibilities for such things. However, if there are mutually-exclusive quests, they should not both be required to complete a title track.
  • Titles with less grind. There are some GW1 titles that I think are fine... the various Protector/Guardian/Vanquisher, for instance, all involve playing the game more or less normally, and the Sunspear and Lightbringer faction titles can be gotten along with those. But Luxon, Kurzick, Drunkard, and a few others are really, really a pain to get. Alternately, I wouldn't mind some sort of super-titles that are very hard to get if (and only if) they were above and beyond the normal "top" title for purposes of things like favor, bonuses, etc... titles that were show-off only, in other words.
  • No instakills. Making something harder by making it possible for it to simply outright kill a normal character instantly is poor game design. That's why adventure and action games stopped doing it. It is frustrating for most players. If I die because I misjudged something or didn't realize which mob was the worst thing in a group, that's one thing. If I die because J. Random Boss is capable of one-shotting me, that's not cool.
  • Death penalty revamped. I don't mind it existing and I'd guess some similar system will be in place for GW2. However, I'd like to see a slightly less obnoxious cap (50%, perhaps), slightly less per death (10% instead of 15%), and slightly faster working off, particularly from boss kills.
    • Also, in the case of death by boss, perhaps a boss bounty that could remove up to one death's DP (with a max benefit of zeroing out DP) if the boss was aggroed on your party when you died and you kill it within a certain amount of time. Dunno about you, but that'd boost my morale: "It killed me! Let's kick its... does this thing even have a posterior?"


  • More flexible keyboard binds. Let me bind things to shift+key, ctrl+key, etc. Don't make any commands unbindable.
  • More, or specialized, skill slots. Skills are undoubtedly going to be different to some extent, but what I'd love to see is either 10 slots total instead of 8 (1-0 on the keyboard by default), or a couple utility slots that can only contain certain types of skills (say signet/glyph only and elite only in GW1 terms).