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Things You Don't Care About[edit]

Nightfall is my favorite campaign, although I rather like Prophecies as well. Well. Except for certain missions.

Rangers are probably my favorite profession, and two of my four most active characters at the moment are Rangers: one Beastmaster, one generalist. The others I've played the most are a Dervish, an Elementalist, and a Ritualist, which is probably my second-favorite profession at this point.

Despite the insane amount of time some titles take, I actually am a title-seeker. There are, however, some I am never going to get. Most of those are PvP titles (I PvP only casually and infrequently). I also doubt I'll ever get Legendary Defender of Ascalon, because I don't think I'd find it fun. I haven't successfully done Survivor yet but I'm still trying.

One reason I don't PvP much is that I don't want to play other people's ideas of a good character build. Another is that I'm quite willing to sacrifice efficiency for fun, which is pretty much not going to enamor me to a PvP team... which is fine. Everyone's got different ideas of what's fun.

On the other hand, I really like watching GvG matches just for fun. I like looking for the people with less usual builds and see how they do. I like watching trends in builds. I also enjoy making predictions over at the Xunlai Tournament House and spending my points on ZKeys. Well, not anymore. But I do still watch. (And if GW2's world/casual PvP is really as casual as it's sounding, I'll probably play more there.)

Whenever someone proclaims a particular profession combination or skill useless, it immediately makes me want to try it out. Sometimes they're right. Sometimes, they're not. I suspect skill choice has more to do with personality than with objective effectiveness, honestly.

[Bartle Quotient]: EASK (Breakdown: Achiever 60.00%, Explorer 80.00%, Socializer 47%, Killer 13%). This is fairly accurate; I definitely enjoy exploring areas and while I'm goal-oriented, it's not my first priority. I would put my Explorer a bit higher and Socializer a bit lower, though.

Star Weaver and I live together. We make pairs of characters to play together and flesh out our groups with heroes and henchies. My gaming schedule is very erratic (part of the reason we mostly duo) and I take frequent longish breaks from the game, partly due to health problems. I'm currently trying hard to work my "main" (inasmuch as Xylia is my main, because I'm a serious altaholic) through as much title-enabling content as possible (for the HoM) before Guild Wars 2 comes out.

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