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Armor piece Head Chest Arm Leg Foot
Name Head Chest Arm Leg Foot #default =
Female.png File:Head f.png File:Chest f.png File:Arm f.png File:Leg f.png File:Foot f.png}} #default =
Male.png File:Head m.png File:Chest m.png File:Arm m.png File:Leg m.png File:Foot m.png}}


This template is used for showing inventory icons for armor pieces of armor sets of any type.


The name of the armor. Use their common shortforms as type parameter.
Note: You don't need to mention the class, this will be added automatically.
The armor's class.
Note: If it's common armor, you may omit this as it's default to the page.
head / chest / arms / legs / feet 
Used with the type parameter "no". This way you can leave out the columns for missing armor parts.
Used with the type parameter "special". This way you can write the names of the armor pieces on your own, in case they do not match with their armor name or in case they have several names.
headname / chestname / armsname / legsname / feetname 
If you've defined the pieces parameter, use these parameters to give every piece its corresponding name.
Mostly used for "Stand-alone Headgear" and Common armor (pieces) like Festival Hats or from EotN. Use either the yes type parameter for headpeaces, which will differ in gender, or the common type parameter if the icons do not differ in gender. This parameter will normally cause the name line to disappear unless you've chosen yes and have set the pieces parameter and chosen corresponding names.