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Warning-Logo.png Warning: Directly modifying the Guild Wars program files through any third party tools is completely unsupported by ArenaNet and NCSoft. If anything breaks, do not contact support for help; there's nothing they can do about it. Also, third party programs not supported by ArenaNet might contain trojans, spyware, adware, and other harmful programs. See also: ANet's official stance.

Info-Logo.png Note: To run these mods, you will need to use Texmod. Please see Guide to modifying in-game graphics/Texmod for details on where to get it and how to use it.

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UI enhancements[edit]

The mods in this section alter the appearance or rendering of the user interface to provide additional functionality or to alter its visual appeal.

Cartography Made Easy[edit]

Loading this mod with Texmod will display the fog on the world map and mission map (U by default) with a different color, which allows to better check if the fog has been removed. The mod will also fill with black the areas where the map is known not to be explorable, allowing for an effective instant comparison with a Grandmaster Cartography map for an easy way to find missing or hard to reach spots.

Originally created by the guild "Mystical Chaos" (especially User:Pyron Sy), updated in 2014-2015 by God Of Fissures and Ruine Eternelle :

Borderless Cartography Made Easy (2015 Edition - Updated, Extended)[edit]

Use this mod if you want the most complete one. Can prove to be a little confusing to use because a lot of areas appear separated from the regular map by a line of color : those areas can (or could) be uncovered only following certain conditions. These areas add points toward the title and are usually entirely optional (except for Cantha which requires JQ/FA).

Note: The mod includes Pre-searing Ascalon and the Battle Isles for an even cleaner map but the two areas do not contribute to any title. Points earned through cartography towards the master of the north title using advanced techniques is not enough to skip a dungeon/mission/vanquish.
Creator: God Of Fissures, Ruine Eternelle
Download: Filedropper
Tutorials: Overview VideoAdvanced techniques
Page about this mod: Development page
Latest update: Version 1.1.2, published on the 30 of september 2015 ~ Added several boundaries and one unexplorable spot in the Desolation.
List of missing things (to be added in the next update): Important notes you should read

Canthagraphy Made Easy (2014 Edition, Cantha revised)[edit]

Note: This updated version includes more pieces of fog that can be uncovered, notes that describe how to access exclusive areas, and prettier fog color.
Creator: God Of Fissures
Download: Refer to the development page for download links and additional information.
Samples: Entire ContinentEchovald ForestJade SeaKaineng CityShing Jea Island
Page about this mod: Development page

Cartography Made Easy (2009 Edition, The Complete Collection)[edit]

Note: Last updated with all known black areas on March 6, 2009.
Creator: User:Pyron Sy
Download Tyria and GW:EN:
Download Cantha:
Download Elona:
Download Complete Collection:
Sample: Kryta (Tyria) sample
Video on cartography and how to use Texmod:
Page about this mod: Development page

Mini Map / World Map UI[edit]

Prophecies 2005 World Map[edit]

This modification reverts the Prophecies world map to the way it was in 2005. Highly recommended for those who want a burst of oldschool nostalgia.

Creator: God Of Fissures
Download: Download
Samples: Full ContinentSouthern ShiverpeaksCrystal DesertRing of FireKryta & Maguuma Jungle

In-game Mission Maps (IGMM)[edit]

This is a mod that adds a walk-through of red dots for each mission on the map itself, highlighting important places and bosses located within. It also shows a "times table" for any mission with a time limit for Masters. The Mission Map (U) generally gives a better view than the World Map does. These maps are heavily based off of Celestia's maps on the Wiki.
Note: This mod does work with Cartography Made Easy, but ONLY if IGMM is loaded before CME (higher on the queue or list of mods).

Creator: Farlo - Page for this mod
Download Canthan: Download from MediaFire
Download Elonian: Download from MediaFire
Download Tyrian: Download from MediaFire
Download All Continents: MediaFire
Sample: IGMM (Cantha), Using the Mission Map for the Imperial Sanctum, Istan missions with CME loaded

Farming / Speedclear UI[edit]

DTSC 4 Way Map Mod[edit]

Shows the 4 paths in what is sometimes referred to as Frenchway, including the oni zones and where in them that oni tend to spawn.

Creator: Alaia Skyhawk
Download: 4WAY Paths Mod
Sample: 4-Way DSC Map sample

Mount Qinkai Speed-Clear Map[edit]

In the style of my In-Game Mission Maps, this is a map overlay of the 2-man and 8-man Mount Qinkai speed clear vanquish. Info on the 2-man Heroway method can be found here and the 8-man Monkway here

Creator: Farlo - Page for this mod
Download 2-man Heroway: MediaFire
Download 8-man Monkway: MediaFire
Sample: 2-man routes | 8-man routes

Kurz HFFF Duel of The Houses[edit]

Kurzick Hero Fact Faction Farming pin points for heroes and henchmen.

Creator: Kaspar--
Sample: No Sample

Morostav Trail Speed Clear Map[edit]

Kurzick Faction Farming Speed Clear.

Creator: Unknown
Download: Mtsc overlay map
Sample: Map on Build:Team - MTSC Kurzick FFF of GWPVX

Menu / Window UI[edit]

@µ's clear line UI[edit]

Replaces the default UI with a smooth style of high resolution, high contrast, darker backgrounds. Revises the skillbar and damage/energy/health displays.

Creator: @µ (Atmu)
Download latest version: v4.8.200
Sample: Latest version (1.89 MB image)

Black and Aero Windows[edit]

Changes the GW Interface to mimic the Aero effect in Windows Vista/7.

Creator: User:Sucube
Download: Black Vista 2009-08-24, Aero Windows (Black) 2012-01-25, Aero Windows (White) 2012-01-25
Sample: Black Vista, Aero Windows (black), Aero Windows (White)

Blue Eliminate UI[edit]

All menus/bars such as guild, friendlist, skill list etc will be in a blueish color, check sample below for preview.

Creator: User:Korrven
Download: v1.0
Sample: Sample Picture

Blue-glass Menus[edit]

Makes the look of menus like friends list, guild menu, hero menu, etc' into blue glass.

Creator: User:The chosen generl
Sample: Sample pic

Crystal Windows[edit]

Changes the backgrounds of the Storage, Friends, Hero, Skills, Inventory, etc windows to transparent.

Creator: User:Oofus
Download: Crystal Windows
Sample: Sample pic

Dark Glass UI[edit]

This mod completely changes the Guild Wars interface to a "Dark Glass" style and improves the UI by adding Spirit Range to the radar, adding a 50% health marker and various other small adjustments.

This interface has been updated to be compatible with the Dervish update
Creator: dfcowell (Bowman Artemis)
Download: DarkGlassUI v1.2 Official (broken) Dark Glass Release 1 Dark Glass V1.1 re-mirrored.
Sample: Compass, Hero Panel, Inventory, Mission Map, Options Panel, Party Window, Various Panels

Guild Wars 2 UI Style (2012 edition)[edit]

Replaces the UI with a Guild Wars 2 texture style. This is my final version. See you in Guild Wars 2!

Creator: User:Lee Himself
Download: (Broken Link)
Download Add On: Spirit Range Add On - (Make sure its higher on the texmod selection list/Wont look good on its own)
Download Add On: 50% Health Add on - (Again make sure its higher in the texmod selection list/removes borders and puts lines in titles and exp)
Sample: Sample UI

Minimalus UI v2.1[edit]

Updated 24 Apr 2015! Minimalus UI is a sleek, pixel-perfect user interface designed from the bottom up to reduce the visual weight of the entire GW interface. Every window and button has been flattened with a slim 1px border, uniform opacity, and greatly reduced visual impact to allow for total immersion. Lightweight and designed by a long-time player, this is a gorgeous mod that will dramatically enhance your play experience. Features include spirit range indicator, enhanced adrenaline charging UI, a new damage font, unique stackable hero panels (see "In-Game 1"), and many more. You will never go back to default after trying Minimalus. See the feature page below for a full list of enhancements.

Creator: JujinMinimalus Feature Page & Change Log
Download: Minimalus UI v2.1.tpf at Orangedox.
Sample: Login ScreenIn-Game 1In-Game 2In-Game 3 (video from v1.1)

Prophecies GW[edit]

Changes the UI to the look when Prophecies launched. v1.2

Creator: Asuka
Sample: Login ScreenCharacter SelectionLoadingscreenIngame

Running UI[edit]

Factions Running Routes[edit]

Cantha can be a very confusing place to run people through. This modification alleviates that confusion by showing running routes on the world map/minimap. Not all the routes are shown, just the ones that matter when rushing players through the Factions campaign.

Creator: God Of Fissures
Download: Download
Samples: Kaineng CitySouthern CanthaNorthern Cantha

Underworld Smite Runner Map[edit]

This mod removes the fog in all areas as well as adding the paths of smites, skeles, coldfires, and safespots on the mission map.

Creator: User:Xv Alex Xv
Sample: In-Game Screenshot, Original Idea

LA to Drok's Running Guide[edit]

Guide to show which way to go while running from Lion's Arch to Droknar's Forge

Creator: Fire Staff Dervish
Download Download
Sample: Sample

Desolation Runner[edit]

This mod highlights all the unsafe areas in pure red, leaving the safe spots unchanged. Since most of the textures have similar colors, this clearly distinguishes "safe" from "unsafe", so Desolation runs can be completed easier.

Creator: God Of Fissures
Download: Dropbox
Sample: Sample

Note: Texture settings has to be Medium or higher for this to work.

Skill / Display UI[edit]

Clearskills v1.3[edit]

Changes the skills in-game to mimic those as seen on the wiki. Also provides a cleaner Effects Monitor which comes in two varieties, green and blue. Green features enchantment effect window colors similar to the original, while the latter replaces this color with a light blue. Note that this mod will remove the enchantment/hex arrows, and the numbers found on the bottom of the skill bar.

Creator: User:losershawn
Download: Clearskills 'Green' -- Clearskills 'Blue'
Sample: Full 'green' preview -- Blue enchantments preview

Enhanced Adrenaline Display[edit]

This mod changes the overlay for adrenaline skills to increase the visibility of the current state of adrenaline charges.

Creator: User:Gorm
Download: (broken link)
Sample: Enhanced Adrenaline Display

Outlined Skills[edit]

This mod provides cleaner looking skills outlined in white. It is compatible with the new Flash Enchantment update.

Creator: User:MikuChan
Download: White version, Black/Transparent version
Sample: White Version, Black/Transparent version

Other / General UI[edit]

Glazed UI 1.2[edit]

7/10/09 Update: Reuploaded UI files and replaced dead links.

7/25/08 Update: Version 1.2 is out. Pretty much everything is fixed up, including PvP--although there's still one bug where there is a minor anomaly in the trade window. For a changelog, see the [release thread].
A user-interface mod emphasized on flat strokes and a reflective body that comes in two flavors: 'Graphite' and 'Classic GW'. Released June 8th 2008.

NOTE: For best image quality in-game, play on NORMAL interface size!

Creator: User:Anonanon (also RavenGT)
Download: Graphite theme
Sample: See release thread
Reverse Bars for Glazed UI 1.2[edit]

This is mod reverse the coloring of health and energy bars. It is designed to work with the art structure of Glazed UI 1.2

NOTE: When using be sure that the Reverse Bars package has priority over the Glazed Graphite package.

Creator: User:Epic Wind
Download: Reverse Bars
Samples: Out of Combat, In Combat, XP Bar

Golden Character Select Frame[edit]

This mod changes the color of the character selection frame to gold instead of silver. (Idea improved from Blastedt's version.)

Creator: Farlo - Page for this mod
Download Entire Frame: Download from MediaFire
Download Trim and Open Slots: Download from MediaFire
Download Trim Only: Download from Mediafire
Sample: Entire frame and open slots or Trim only

Life-, Energy- and EXP-Bar + Resurrection Signet[edit]

This Mod changes the color of the bars and changes the Resurrection Signet (See my Mod under "Skills").

Creator: User:Intruder

Minimalist Spirit Radar v1.0[edit]

This mod adds a very simple line to indicate spirit range. It is a minimalist version of the spirit radars that have been made.

**Working with all updates as of 7/30/2007**
Creator: User:Thor79 - Page about this mod
Sample: Sample pic

Overhead Health Bar Remover[edit]

This mod removes the health bar that hovers over a targets head.

Creator: User:Pyron Sy

Vert UI[edit]

Profession color edged skin with a simpler style. Changes to health bar for green=healthy, red=damage

Creator: Fay Vert
Download: Ranger Assassin Dervish Elementalist Mesmer Monk Necromancer Paragon Ritualist Warrior Optional bars seen in Ranger
Sample: Ranger Assassin Dervish Elementalist Mesmer Monk Necromancer Paragon Ritualist Warrior