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Gwen (born 1060 AE) is an Ascalonian adventurer and the current commanding officer of the Ebon Vanguard. Originally hailing from Ashford, she lived with her mother Sarah until the Searing, when her mother was killed and she was taken captive by the Charr. For seven years she suffered at their hands, during which time she developed a deep hatred of the feline race. Eventually, she escaped, fleeing north until she chanced upon an Ebon Vanguard camp, where Captain Langmar took her in.

Within a year she had risen to the position of second-in-command, and led the effort to rescue Langmar and her soldiers from the Charr Homelands when they were captured during a mission. In doing so, she toppled Hierophant Burntsoul, beginning Pyre Fierceshot's long road to revolution. With Langmar, she then led the Vanguard to victory in the battle against the Great DestroyerRead more.
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