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The Shining Blade is a group of Krytan royalist rebels who oppose the expanding rule of the White Mantle over Kryta and support the reinstatement of the Krytan royal line. They are suspicious about the motives and true intentions of the White Mantle and their gods, the Unseen Ones, striking out at the Mantle from the Maguuma Jungle using guerrilla tactics. When they were formed is unknown, but they were originally led by Evennia, with an inner council which held at least Saidra and Markis.

The Shining Blade were a group of rebels who struck from the wilderness at the White Mantle. In many cases, they captured the Chosen that the White Mantle were claiming to take to the Temple of the Unseen. In reality, the Chosen were being sacrificed on the bloodstone in Bloodstone Fen and the Shining Blade were rescuing them… Read more.
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