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Note: Weekly bonuses and Nicholas the Traveler requests change at 15:00 UTC on Mondays. If your browser does not update the available activities, you can refresh the list.
Week starting PvE bonus PvP bonus Nicholas item Nicholas location Nicholas map
17 April 2017 Faction Support Guild Versus Guild Mandragor Root Cake (1x) Arkjok Ward Map
24 April 2017 Zaishen Vanquishing Competitive Mission Mahgo Claw (1x) Perdition Rock Map
1 May 2017 Extra Luck Heroes' Ascent Mantid Pincers (5x) Saoshang Trail Map
8 May 2017 Elonian Support Codex Arena Sentient Seeds (3x) Fahranur, The First City Map
15 May 2017 Zaishen Bounty Alliance Battle Stone Grawl Necklaces (2x) Sacnoth Valley Map
22 May 2017 Factions Elite Random Arenas Herring (1x) Twin Serpent Lakes Map
29 May 2017 Northern Support Guild Versus Guild Naga Skins (3x) Mount Qinkai Map
5 June 2017 Zaishen Mission Competitive Mission Gloom Seed (1x) The Falls Map
12 June 2017 Pantheon Heroes' Ascent Charr Hide (1x) The Breach Map
19 June 2017 Faction Support Codex Arena Ruby Djinn Essence (1x) The Alkali Pan Map
26 June 2017 Zaishen Vanquishing Alliance Battle Thorny Carapaces (2x) Majesty's Rest Map

Tango-quest-icon.png Quest lists
CorePropheciesFactionsNightfallEye of the NorthBeyond
Logs: PrimaryFestival
Master difficultyHard Mode only
Useful for farmingRemoved quests
Rewards: affiliation, high XP, platinum, skills