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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions

Suggestions for stories or story elements in Guild Wars 2. What happened to the Mursaat? Will the Dwarves recover? Find out more about the back story of Guild Wars 2 at The Movement of the World.

Evolution of the World(Ideas)

I was kind of thinking that maybe because tyria is isolated from the other islands(cantha and elona) it should be part of the main storyline.For example,because kaineng was the main trading area,now tyria has limited provisions(weapons and such). I've also seen people suggesting firearms as weapons,my opinion is that the canthans invented the gunpowder but because their cut off by corsairs, their stock hasn't reached other shores. There could be in high-end areas traders who have managed to get through the corsair blocade and get a musquet or somthin. So,i suggest that the first Guild Wars 2 remains mostly the same and then in the next stand-alone campaign we could have more options.

Why it might work: -if theres gonna be a Guild Wars 2 Factions(for example) we could add a lot more stuff to it -would maintain the natural atmosphere of tyria -would also fit into the storyline better

Why it might not work: -some people might get let down because of the loss of firearms