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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions

These are pages with suggestions from individual users. Note that each user is responsible for their own page.

Page Short description
Alaris A conglomerate of ideas, ranging from Interface to Gameplay, Economy and the effects of the Hall of Monuments as well as possible secret areas.
Azalea Ina Dorada Discusses posted suggestions - some they have said themselves, and some others have said. Also gives twists to other suggestions.
Chaos Messenger Suggestions about guilds and players having patron Gods and fighting about them. Suggestions about profession mixing on a new but simple level. Minor change suggestions.
Chosen Blade Knight I want Guild Wars 2 to be a perfect, living, breathing world with lots of lore and action like it was in Tabula Rasa. The Perfect RPG is being indefinetly canceled, but Guild Wars came out first and by some of the same creaters. Guild Wars 2 should surpass that. In Tabula Rasa I had no real complaints, with Guild Wars now I have no real complaints. But Guild Wars 2 should satisfy, and the lack of a montlhy fee will ensure the game world and community lives on. Feedback is welcome also please.
Erasculio A somewhat old list, aiming for an early stage of development. Once we get more information about GW2 I'll likely update it...In the mean time, feedback is welcome : )
Shai Halud I have a lot of suggestions I've made and all are accessable from this page as well as more detailed descriptions of my Customizable Race-Specialization systems, my Projected Storyline for GW2, my Action Battle Control Scheme, my idea for the local Asuran story, and my idea for combining mounts and companions.
The Deathless Derv A fairly recent list with some unique aswell as my views on more common suggestions.
Will Greyhawk Some simple ideas, made from observation of the game and others' opinions of it. Still a work in progress.
Geoden Some ideas that I've had. Some suggestions have been said, others maybe not. Working on more suggestions.

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