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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions

Hello, and welcome to my personal Guild Wars 2 suggestion page! Firstly, I'd like to thank you for taking the time out of your geeky, humdrum lives and read my page, and also address some of the things I'll be talking about in this article:
1) I will voice opinions on suggestions said by others which have peeked my interest.
2) I do not talk about sexuality in Guild Wars. There are websites for your...geeky needs...elsewhere, not in an MMORPG like Guild Wars.
3) I can and will say if I like an idea or not. If I don't, I will most likely not suggest it unless I add to it to make it sound better.
4) If I like someone's suggestion, or if I came up with the idea as well, that person is my best friend.
5) I patrol the Guild Wars 2 suggestion pages on a regular basis, and will most likely add new ideas to this page to talk about.

Feel free to send me messages through my talk page, or post comments on this page’s discussion. If anyone has any new Guild Wars 2 suggestions, remember to post them on the suggestion pages in the proper category, if they are not already posted. Thank you, and always remember how to wiki format, and sign your comments on talk pages, for Dwayna's sake! Happy suggesting! See you in Guild Wars 2!!


This section discusses both explorable areas and towns and outposts.

Houses / Guild Halls[edit]

(see also: ArenaNet:Guild Wars 2 suggestions/Housing and ArenaNet:Guild Wars 2 suggestions/Guild Island)

According to the Housing suggestion, houses are described as a sort of Hall of Monuments combined with a Xunlai Chest, whereas you can see trophies of your major accomplishments and store armor and other items. I agree completely that they should have this feature, aside from the merging houses after GW marriages – a ridiculous idea that I myself thought of before seeing the article.

One thing that I didn’t consider before was the fact that houses made up a Guild Hall, making it seem like a small village or a bustling city, depending on the size of the guild. This suggestion peeks my interest, and I think that it should be considered for Guild Wars 2.

One thing I’d like to add is a “sleeping feature”. This idea comes from Fable: The Lost Chapters, where the character would be tired from exploring and fighting and need rest to be prepared for fighting. While it was a feature I paid little attention to while playing - actually, I didn't mind it at all - it could affect other suggestions (see below).

Player-owned Shops[edit]

(see also: ArenaNet:Guild Wars 2 suggestions/Shops)

As much as I love to boast, and I do, I must say that this was a truly original idea I hatched: player-owned shops! This suggestion may also go hand-in-hand with other suggestions, such as indoor environments and houses.

While thinking of this idea, I had two kinds of shops in mind: a bar, and an inn. The bar may serve alcohol, sweets, and other knickknacks which may help a character add to Drunkard, Sweet Tooth, and Party Animal titles. An inn may rent out beds and storage to players in need of rest (see above) who don’t wish to purchase a house for their Guild Hall.

To clear things up with people who’d say that player-owned shops are unfair, it would be balanced by not raking in as much gold as farming. Yes, owning a business is somewhat of a money-maker, but not much, since most of the profit goes to the NPC merchants. Owning a business is like controlling House zu Heltzer or Cavalon; there is always competition, and you must stay on top.


(see also: ArenaNet:Guild Wars 2 suggestions/Mounts)

Here's what I want to say about this suggestion: who in Melandru's name cares? I mean, honestly, are we that bored with Guild Wars that we have to throw away something as simple as map-travel and add mounts - which by the way makes as much sense as a squirrel living in the ocean - to go from one place to the other?

Who cares about traveling? I'll answer my own question: people who don't want to sit next to crying babies and obnoxious tourists. There are neither babies nor tourists nor any wasted time for that matter, so I must ask: "why?"

This article may also be referred to as the "Pro Map-Travel" section.


This section discusses character designs, armor, and new professions.

Changeable Features[edit]

(see also: ArenaNet:Guild Wars 2 suggestions/Hairstylist)

I don’t know anybody who never thought of changing their character’s physical features. Changeable hair is a prime example many have used. To be honest, my beloved Azalea was created three times, with all versions’ appearances differ from each other. Personally, if I don’t like a character’s looks, or if I grow tired of them, I will refuse to play them, unless they wear a Mask of the Mo Zing.

I had an idea that goes hand-in-hand with other suggestions: physical features can be changed by looking in a mirror, which can be found in a house or an inn. This idea is somewhat derived from ‘’The Sims 2’’, but can be a small, but appreciated feature for those who hate their character’s hair, hair color, or skin color.

Game updates/20090423 = Proof that ArenaNet truly listens to the general public.

Character Age[edit]

(see also: ArenaNet:Guild Wars 2 suggestions/Age)

A small feature that may slightly alter your character’s appearance is age. For example, a character in their teens or twenties will appear to have more youthful than that of a middle-aged character. In Guild Wars, some players make up back stories for their characters, and determine their apparent age on the way they look, or their height.

I've previously mentioned "reproduction" on this page. I did not mean sex, dammit! I simply meant that, in creation of your Guild Wars 2 character, your Guild Wars Monument would be passed on to your new character. Since some people do not want to inherit everything from their character - the same name, perchance - your GW2 character would be noted as "Descendant of <character name>".

Profession: Blade Dancer[edit]

(see also: ArenaNet:Guild Wars 2 suggestions/Blade Dancer Profession)

Originally an idea from ProfileIcon and Bacunum, the Blade Dancer was one suggestion which peeked my interests. However, I was disappointed to see that it was only a more advanced warrior. Determined as I am to make this a unique suggestion, I took it upon my own hands to corrupt this idea so that it is considered for Guild Wars 2.

I would like to elaborate more on this idea on a page of my own.

Profession: Swashbuckler[edit]

(see also: ArenaNet:Guild Wars 2 suggestions/Pirate or User:Spawnlegacy/Swashbuckler)

I am not a fan of the idea of a Pirate profession. I don't need to elaborate any further when I say that it is unoriginal.

However, I must give kudos the the creator, Spawnlegacy. Thanks to their creativity and determination to get this idea considered, they have created a clear image of what this profession would be like in the game, going as far as building pages for skills and builds for the Swashbuckler. Well done. I'd like to see more of his work on other, more original suggestions.


(see also: ArenaNet:Guild Wars 2 suggestions/Companion Customization)

The only thing I've got to say about companions is that they should be customizable. The thought hadn't occurred to me until I saw the article by (see above), and I was like, "Oh, how neat would that be to have a personalized teammate instead of previously-created NPCs like the heroes in Nightfall and Eye of the North!"

A small feature that would make me an ounce happier. :)


This section discusses player relations and events.


(see also: ArenaNet:Guild Wars 2 suggestions/Add more stuff for GW2)

Emotes are a fun element of MMORPGs such as Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, and Oblivion. However, the limited number of emotes can be disappointing, and some players desire more interactive emotes. Listed are new emotes I and others have thought of and improvements on those which already exist:

  • /cry – Character cover their eyes and sob
  • /curtsy - Character curtsies regally (preferably female-exclusive)
  • /defeat – Males slump over and shake head; Females fall to the floor and sigh
  • /elitedance - Form of dancing while holding weapons
  • /excited - IMPROVE!!
  • /ew - Character appears offended by either sight, smell, or sound
  • /fear - Character appears to be frightened
  • /fight * - When used in synchronization, two players stage a mock battle
  • /gah – Character appears frustrated
  • /hug * - When used in synchronization, the two players hug each other
  • /highfive * - When used in synchronization, the two players’ hands automatically touch
  • /kills - Displays a kill count in the chat box; contains total kills on character, and total kills while in the area.
  • /lay - Character lies on back, arms folded behind head
  • /meditate - Character sits in meditation; males / females / variant
  • /playdead - Character falls as if slain
  • /tongue - Character sticks tongue out
  • /scream – Character appears to be screaming loudly
  • /sing - Character appears to be singing. Music style varies with profession and race
  • /victory – Character poses triumphantly
  • /shakehands * – When used in synchronization, two characters extend arms and shake hands with one another
  • /Caramelldance like /dance but caramelldansen style and if used in synch the whole town can do this :) [1]
Credits to The Gates Assassin, Ratys, EtsSpets,, and


Events such as Wintersday, Halloween, and the Dragon Festival have made players attract to Guild Wars. Collecting new weapons and items such as Candy Cane Swords, Miniature Celestial Pigs or Yuletide Tonics have also served as a fun feature to Guild Wars. Keep this feature in Guild Wars 2!

My only complaint is some players feel that there are not enough events. If ArenaNet plans to add more - which they hopefully will - I would hope that they add some of the following events.

  • Valentines Day - pink and red decorations, flowers and hearts and etc...
  • Ascalon Day - remembering the day Ascalon was destroyed by the charr
  • Tyrian New Year - celebrating the new year [2]

Feel free to add more event suggestions.

Auction Houses[edit]

(see also: ArenaNet:Guild Wars 2 suggestions/Auction and trading suggestions)

A big suggestion is on Guild Wars 2's trading economy. When seeing the phrase "auction house" I think of a bunch of uppity English people waving fans and bidding away their money on useless items. When applying to Guild Wars, I see the same, only with the players using emotes.

The suggestion, however, isn't as great as my imagination. It comes in a separate window rather than a big, beautiful building. Still, with its ability to cut down spamming traders, laggy districts, and annoying buyers shouting "WTB ZODIAC WEAPONZ!!!1!! U NAEM PRICE!! PM ME!!1!"

I like this suggestion. -____-

Gnome Delivery Services[edit]

(see also: ArenaNet:Guild Wars 2 suggestions/Gnome Delivery Service)

Well, this suggestion looks completely stupid. And it also is a let-down when you read the article. They don't have to be gnomes, but I'm picturing little dwarfs running about throwing packages and copies of The Horn at players. It's not as amusing as it sounds.

Well, my idea to make this suggestion better is to scratch it and make it an entirely new suggestion: Offline messaging. The idea in my head is kind of like mail on AOL or Yahoo, but on Guild Wars, and you can write mail or check your mail via the Character Select screen. If you are mailed by someone while playing, you'll receive a message on your chat window that you have new mail.

Needless to say, this would benefit players who love to chat, but seem to be on opposite sides of the world and never catch one another online. This suggestion could be renamed from Gnome Delivery Services to the simple Mail.

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