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I'm leader of The Sky Pirates, a small, friendly and helpful guild with a PvE focus. Meleemancer at heart. Don't call it noob because I've converted countless people to the movement and you wouldn't want to be a noob would you?

My Purpose[edit]

I am here to improve the game and the wiki. I like to think up skills I'm hoping ArenaNet might take some into consideration for GW2. Sorry there's not many there just yet. I can't find the time. I've also been contributing a lot to the Guild Wars 2 suggestion area. I'm most proud of my Swashbuckler proffession which can be found here.

It would seem I fail at wiki code. Excuse the layout for the time being. Namely this monstrosity of negative space below.

Regular Badass

Spawn Legacy[edit]

This is my most spoilt character. The only words that can describe him are written to your right. He prefers style to prestige and challenge to grind. Currently vanquishing his second continent, Elona, and has 'Too much gold to complete the transaction.' Please put up with the horrible layout while Spawn scours wiki for a way to beat the templates into the space below. Remember kiddies, Pain Inverter, Blessings and Consumables do not entitle you to beating hardmode. Much to the contrary, in fact.