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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions

Hairstylist (Discussion)

A character should be able to change their hairstyle in game. An NPC 'Hairstylist' could be made available to enable to a character to change their hairstyle for a fee, with some type of time duration in between, to prevent unrealistical amounts of changes to hair length.

Why this is a good idea
  • With the longevity of the game a character's physical appearance is identical for several years. It would be refreshing to be able to change this.
  • Charging a fee allows another money sink in game.
  • Uniqueness of character looks.
  • This could add the ability to change your hair to match your armor, something that is hard to pull off sometimes in GW1.
Why it may not work out
  • This is a thing that has already come into many games recently.
  • New purely cosmetic money sink.

Hairstyling Suggestion

To improve customization of a character's personal look and feel, hairstyles should be able to be "created". By mapping the head to have 20 or so "points", different things should be able to be attached to these points and rotated, like bangs being able to be attached to a point near the middle front part of the head to produce bangs. The scalp should have a colorable "base" hair covering with opacity option in case a person wishes for a bald hairstyle.

In addition to just placing hair and rotating options, there should be options available to increase the distance from scalp, in case a character has thicker hair. And if possible to be able to "stretch" the hair model to "lengthen" the hair model. Ofcourse there should still be "pre-made templates" if people prefer not to create their own hairstyles. Similarly to skillbars having the ability to export templates, we should be able to export our hairstyles.

How this can positively affect Guild Wars 2
  • People feel better about their characters they customized with effort.
  • Does not limit hairstyles to certain classes/races(gw2)/expansions
  • Greater variety of hairstyles to make people comfortable about creating a certain class.
How this can negatively affect Guild Wars 2
  • People may create inappropriate hairstyles, although they can always be reported.
  • Clipping may be an issue.
  • This is fairly complex, especially when it begins to interact with headpieces. Could take away from developing gameplay features.