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Blades of Steel Blades of Steel

Armond's Issue

Promotes nothing but gimmicky 123456 play. Mash your buttons from left to right and voila, you're magically doing two attacks at +60.
Reduce the damage cap to +45. This is still a very powerful attack, comparable to Twisting Fangs, but not quite as insane as it is now.
Dumb suggestion, nobody brings this skill as is over twisting fangs because the condition is hard to meet. You at least need an O-D-O-D chain to get max damage, But ODOD's been hammered so much that there's a very very few viable alternative, and most of which involves trampling ox, and the second dual, given the choice between twisting fangs and this, will almost always go to the twisting fangs. L-O-D-O-D chain has similar issue, you either need to bring the ox, or be enchanted, or hex a foe, last I checked there's no short recharging viable enchantments or hex, that this combo is doomed to fail. Worse 5 attack skills are a lot to bring, leaving only 3 utilities. You still need speed buff, and IAS (if you're hoping to spike, if not why bring BOS at all?), you're left with only 1 skill, rez or self heal? Tough choice. Personally this skill lacks synergy and needs a buff not a nerf.

learn to say these in talk page first, also learn this game plz, this is the most imba dual nowadays. +120 dmg as a 5 Energy0 Activation time8 Recharge time non-elite skill?-- 09:46, 22 April 2009 (UTC)