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Mark of Instability Mark of Instability

Underwood's Discussion

  • Issue:Offers no additional Effect to KD while costing 10E and has a recharge of 20 seconds. Lasts for 1 Dual Attack.
  • Solution:Change to Deadly Arts '(20 seconds.) Causes knock-down whenever you hit target foe with a dual attack. Ends after 1...3...3 dual attacks'.


Lilondra's Issue -- 11:33, 21 March 2008 (UTC)


Mark of instability is a hex that allows you to show who you are going to spike ages before you did it,it has a powerfull effect but is not used because of the precast on youre target.

As the assassins need a buff (yes a buff not a nerf)to make the more playeble this would already be a very good start.

Change to skill : Skill.For 8 seconds next time you hit with a dual attack youre target is knocked down.5e/C1/2/R20

Frvwfr2's Issue -- 23:18, 11 May 2008 (UTC)

Calls out the target
Skill. Must follow a dual attack. Target foe is knocked down. 5Energy, 1/4Activation time, 20Recharge time
"Elite Hex Spell. Shadow Step to target foe. For 0...5...6 seconds, the next time you hit target foe with a dual attack, that foe is knocked down." 5Energy, 1/4Activation time, 30Recharge time

Short duration. If the foe runs, your chain will be broken. 30s recharge also hurts.
Has excellent synergy with Black Spider Strike->Twisting Fangs->Falling Lotus Strike->Blades of Steel. 30s recharge spike that kills often=Balanced?

Kalas Silvern's Issue

Mediocre, screams "remove me! Blind him! Block Stance!"
Similar to Frvwfr2's idea, make it a skill that must follow a dual attack. However, make it so that instead of just KDing them, cause it to apply a mark(non-hex non-ench non-condition effect) for 5 seconds where the next time the foe swings their weapon (either auto-attack or attack skill), the attack is interrupted and they are KDed.
Version 2- same as above, except it would still be a hex and would last for ~10-15 seconds, since it would now be removable. This would allow a sort of sabotage play, where you could be using pressure combos/spike assisting, but still helping with utility by throwing this around. Not sure on recharge.