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Carnil Issue 16:37, 14 April 2008 (UTC)

New Assassin Combo System

Because of the combo system, blockable daggersins are not able to compete in gvg properly. one attack is blocked and you are worthless
I designed a new combo system that allows nearly every attack to be used as lead-, off-hand- or dualattack. here is a link to a german forum where i posted the changes i made. these changes are in english but the text above is german. therefore i will translate it here: every skill may only be used once in a combo. example: jagged strike (lead), death blossom (off-hand), jagged strike (dual) is NOT possible. the second jagged strike will result in an additional lead-attack. as a fair compensation all shadowsteps are removed. i think in many opinions these are overpowered and allow certain gimmickbuilds to be effective (example: A/D Spike, E/A Shockwave Spike). Furthermore i have implemented a new melee combat style that i call "close combat hex". this is only optional but i have the feeling it helps the assassin to be played differently from other melee classes and additionally helps the req-hex attacks to be useful again. ATTENTION: the skills may not be fully balanced yet. heres the link to the forumpage:

Lann's Issue -- 17 June, 2008

One skill blocked, ruins the rest of your chain making you unusable
Lower recharges of all high recharge skills, lowering damage/effect and energy as necessary
Change the system so your attacks do not miss if they go out of sequence. Give all dagger attacks a secondary effect that will occur if the sequence was followed.
  • For example: Unsuspecting Strike: 10 Energy 2 Recharge time. Lead Attack. If this attack hits, you strike for +19...29...31 damage. If this attack follows a dual attack or is the first attack of it's sequence, you deal an additional 15...63...75 damage if your target was above 90% Health.
  • For example: Jungle Strike: 5 Energy 1/2 Activation time 10 Recharge time. Offhand Attack. This attack deals +10...22...25 damage. If this attack follows a lead attack, it does +1...25...31 damage against crippled foes.
  • For example: Horns of the Ox: 5 Energy 12 Recharge time. Dual Attack. If it hits, Horns of the Ox strikes for +1...9...11 damage. If this attack follows an offhand attack, you double strike and that foe is knocked down if not adjacent to any allies.
  • For example: Moebius Strike: 5 Energy 2 Recharge time. Offhand Attack. If it hits, Moebius Strike strikes for +10...30...35 damage. If this attack follows a dual attack, all your other attack skills are recharged if you strike a foe whose Health is below 50%.
  • For example: Exhausting Assault: 5 Energy 1/2 Activation time 8 Recharge time. Dual Attack. Target foe's action is interrupted. If this attack follows a lead attack, you double strike and target foe suffers from Exhaustion if that action was casting a Spell.