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Mystic Healing Mystic Healing

Frvwfr2's Issue -- 02:25, 17 May 2008 (UTC)


Requires a whole bar dedicated to it to be reliable in higher levels
Make it "For each enchantment on you, all party members gain 0...9...11(maximum 5...53...65) health" 5Energy, 1Activation time, 4Recharge time
With this change, it would be easier to use at low levels, but fairly weak for the energy you will spend. A bar dedicated to it won't be able to do much, but heal for ~50 health every 4 seconds. LoD is far more reliable. It has the current scale of how much each person would be healed, but it would heal all people related to how many enchants you have on you.
6 Enchants is kinda tough to get, which is how many you would need to make this effective. It is similar on all levels to the old one.
That would be kinda cool. Though I can see abuse for massive encantment stacking and spamming to heal teams. Mabye increase recharge a bit. --Lann 16:03, 12 June 2008 (UTC)