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Info-Logo.png Note: As of September 2, 2009 this page is no longer active. If you have suggestions for Guild Wars skills please go to Feedback:Main to learn how to submit suggestions that ArenaNet can use.

Decrease dependence on monks in low-end PvP

In high-end PvP you are guaranteed to have a monk healing you, but low-end PvP has problems with lack of healing.

I suggest increasing the pace of self healing, especially primary class healing skills.

Here are a few suggestions

Healing Signet-Decrease cast to 1 second and increase recharge to 6 seconds. Most warriors use Lion's Comfort because the -40 armor on Healing Signet is prohibitive and healing signet is dshot food anyway. Healing signet is just plain inferior and requires a buff. Lion's Comfort should be "different" from Healing Signet, but not better. Decrease the armor penalty to 30 minus 1 for each point of strength.

Troll Unguent-Decrease cast to 2 seconds. Interruptibility on a ranger heal is fine as rangers have blocking stances(Rangers that use troll unguent without a defensive stance = bad). However 3 seconds is bad for a primary healing skill, at the moment Troll Unguent is the definitive "dying while your healing skill activates" skill. To prevent overuse from other professions the energy cost could be increased.

Monks in general-As self healing would be improved, allow for more protection and condition/hex removal options and less "target other ally" healing.

Ether Feast-Has good cast time and healing and the recharge is crap. The energy removal is holding this skill back. Here's the solution- Ether Feast 5e 1s 6r "Target loses 2 energy. You are healed for 20...44...50 health plus an additional 20...44...50 health for each point of energy lost. This would also hinder use as energy denial-right now it can be used to give overall 1 pip of energy degeneration(-3 every 9 seconds)

Blood Renewal-This is really a joke of a skill. Often sacrifices as much health as it heals and it's just begging to be drained/removed/shattered. I suggest dropping the health sacrifice to 10%, reducing the healing when it ends, and "if your health is below 50% you don't sacrifice health."

Aura of Restoration-Another joke of a skill. It's not even a self heal. I mainly use this skill to cover dual attunements and it's only useful for when I'm running dual attune air and spamming Lightning Hammer. Change it to health regeneration based on your energy.

Shadow Refuge-Is a bit weak for its cast time. Reduce cast time to 1/4s.

Dervishes have enough healing.

Ritualists have enough healing.

Paragons' healing is dependent on the team. For a self heal, that is LOUSY. Cast time and recharge are a joke. Reduce cast to 1 second, reduce recharge to 7 seconds, and add "For every 2 allies within earshot you gain 1 Energy, maximum 1...3...4" Scale the healing from 30....102...120.

Addition to the above idea

Perhaps there wouldn't be a massive blockway metagame if self healing didn't suck. I can usually survive in Alliance Battles much better with a blocking or snaring elite instead of a good healing skill. In fact, I sometimes go through an entire alliance battle WITHOUT using a self heal because snaring and blocking are good enough(although I always carry self healing just in case).

Make self heals just as good as running blocking/snares. No, I'm not complaining about getting owned by blocking and snares. But the balance is bad.