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Brambles Brambles

Slight buff please -- 20:03, 27 September 2008 (UTC)


This skill has some good synergies but Bleeding is not really a powerful enough effect to make it worthwhile and the damage it deals is almost negligible.
Decrease the activation time, recharge and duration to make it a little more active and easier to keep up if people are trying to keep it down (i.e. killing it or interrupting you).
Also, increase the damage slightly so that it's at least noticeable.
Something like:
Brambles Brambles. 10 Energy 3 Activation time 30 Recharge time.
Nature Ritual. Create a level 1...8...10 Spirit. Non-Spirit creatures that are knocked down in its range take 10...22...25 Piercing damage and begin Bleeding for 5...17...20 seconds. This Spirit dies after 15...51...60 seconds.
Also I changed the damage type to piercing so that while it's initially higher, it is at least affected by armour (which makes more sense aside from anything).
Overall, this isn't really a major change, but should at least make this skill a bit more playable.