Ascalon Royal Family Masquerade Ball 2011

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The Ascalon Royal Family Masquerade Ball, 2011[edit]

History of the Ascalon Royal Family Masquerade Ball[edit]

The Ascalon Royal Family Masquerade Ball is a long forgotten formal event, engraved into history years before the searing. The Kingdom of Ascalon was once prosperous, led by King Adelbern and the Royal Family. During such times the ball was the yearly celebration to celebrate the wealth and beauty that was Ascalon. But alas, The Searing, as it has come to be known, shattered the hearts of men. The ball had been forgotten for many years. Lord Sojar, in his travels, stumbled upon an old text depicting a dance festival of epic proportions in the realm of Ascalon since past. Intrigued, he did further research. After painstaking tasks, Lord Sojar begged the wealthiest of the lords of Ascalon and surrounding kingdom of Kryta to donate what they saw fit to bring back this beautiful festival.

With the return of the Masquerade Ball, a curious wind blew about the place on that night four years ago, many didn’t realize an envoy had arrived. The second year after the ball, people looked for the wandering Lord Sojar, little did they know he had fallen ill and retired to his estate. This time the winds blew stronger as citizens of Ascalon despaired that the ball would not commence. The cold wind blew, and from it came a beacon of optimism; a silk hat lazily floating to the ballroom floor. The citizens of Ascalon delighted in revelry as the envoy of ice and snow, Daniel Frozenwind, King of the Snowmen, took up the mantle of Lord Sojar to continue the great tradition. Late into the night the festivities continued, breaking the despair and replacing it with a sense of wonder and merriment. The next year an even more spectacular event ensued as the frozen envoy continued and expanded the tradition. Some even say the gods themselves attended the event, as the nights sky took on a particularly festive atmosphere.

Though after a visit of the Mad King to Lions Arch on the most hallowed of eves, it was learned that a new menace stirred in the underworld. The King of the Snowmen returned to take charge of his forces to confront this menace and help those who stood before the darkness. But with his leave, the tradition of the Masquerade Ball looked to have met its end, again.

But it endured. Countess Reapera, a loyal attendant of the Ball since that first year, saw an end to the great celebration looming and took up the mantle to keep it alive, seeking out Lord Sojar for his permission to carry on the tradition he started. To her amazement he felt well enough for just one more Royal Ball, and together with many others from the community, they hosted it for yet another splendid year.

But the world continues to move forward. Familiar faces dim from memory as old acquaintances move on to other adventures, and the world of Tyria moves on from the heady, legendary events that have defined our times. It is a time for reflection, and it is time, once again, for the Ascalon Royal Family Masquerade Ball


The theme of this year’s Ascalon Royal Family Masquerade Ball is … Reflection.

Over the past few years our times have been defined by change, by humility, by endurance and by hope. Always we look towards the future, either fighting against impossible odds to ensure it stays bright, or by seeking that which is ever beyond reach, gazing towards what may be. Our times have been, and continue to be, legendary. But what we are now is defined by what we were and what we have been. Remember our humble beginnings as raw recruits to the armies of our homelands, or apprentices to the finest masters. Our first experiences stepping out the gates of the city and our first vanquished foe; these were the first steps in the journey of a lifetime, the end of which is still yet to come. Now, at the crossroads between eras, we look towards the future. But we also reflect and remember the events, the people, and the times that have forged who we are and what we will be, and that is something to cherish.

Post Event[edit]

The 2011 Ascalon Royal Family Masquerade Ball was a resounding success in many areas. Over 2 million gold, in prizes and other assets, were given away, most of it garnered from generous donations from the community and last minute addendums by the staff. The 2011 ball was an incredible experience and far surpassed the expectations of the hosts. The community was exceptional this year, not only in terms of generosity but also in disposition at the event - it was truely magical. The tradition of the ball will continue, either in the 2012 Ball in Guild Wars or in Guild wars 2 if it is out in time next year.

Time and Place[edit]

May 21, 2011

1:00pm PST | 4:00pm US EST | 9:00pm UK | 6:00am AUS EST |: Opening Ceremony

Location: Serenity Temple, International Districts

Schedule of Events[edit]

Opening Ceremonies: 1:00pm PST, 4:00pm USEST, 9:00pm UK, 6:00am AusEST

Drinks and Hors D’oeuvres: 1:15pm PST, 4:15pm USEST, 9:15pm UK, 6:15am AusEST

Couples Dance: 1:30pm PST, 4:30pm USEST, 9:30pm UK, 6:30am AusEST

Costume Contest: 2:30pm PST, 5:30pm USEST, 10:30pm UK, 7:30am AusEST

Scavenger Hunt: 3:30pm PST, 6:30pm USEST, 11:30pm UK, 8:30am AusEST

Raffle Drawing & Closing Ceremonies: 4:45pm PST, 7:45pm USEST, 12:45pm UK, 9:45am AusEST

Transcript of Speeches[edit]

Opening Speech Delivered by Countess Reapera in District 1

Welcome, everyone, to the Ascalon Royal Family Masquerade Ball! It is once again my honor to host this year’s event along with my esteemed colleagues! Many months ago, when I first started the preparations for this event, I was greatly excited by our forthcoming sequel. The conventions were over, we’d seen our first taste of game play, and we knew more than half the professions, and some of the race information was just being revealed.
While I was excited, it was also a bitter sweet time. There was still hope that GW2 might come out before this event, so indeed we didn’t even know if we would HAVE this event – at least in GW1. At that time I started reflecting on the past five years I’ve been immersed in this world. I was originally introduced to this game by one of my best friends, I still remember the first time he took me out and had me face some skale and a rouge bull (and my first death shortly thereafter to!).
The last five years have truly been memorable, if not life changing for me. I have met many new friends, been inspired to great heights, and least of which been introduced to a wonderful community. While we eagerly look towards the future, this is also a time of reflection. Today we celebrate this game, this spirit, this community, and we also look back on the incredible journey we’ve all shared. And it’s been a grand one!
And now I yield the floor to my friend and colleague in hosting this event; Daniel Frozenwind

Event Descriptions[edit]

  • Costume Contest
    • It’s a masquerade, but it’s not a ball until there’s dancing! Take your partner in hand and head to the dance floor for a Dance! Create the best combination of emotes for your dance, but remember, no /dancing allowed!
  • Costume Contest
    • Put on your finest evening wear for this event, Display your good fashion sense and be the toast of the town! Prizes are available for
      • The most Beautiful!
      • The most Creative (Remember the theme of the ball)!
      • The Best Couples!
  • Char Invasion
    • The Char have invaded Ascalon city, ruining our scavenger hunt in the process! All the items have been stolen, and it's up to you to find them. Head to Ascalon city and stop these dastardly fiends in their tracks! This event included all the staff of the Masquerade heading to International District 1 of Ascalon city, all the party goers as well. The staff wore Char masks from Halloween or used searing tonics, and the party goers chased them, the first to open trade received a prize. The chase continued until all the prizes were gone.


District 1: Countess Reapera & Daniel Frozenwind

District 2: Barbie Pryncess and the YaWn Alliance, with the GWEN Crew

District 3: Malchior Devenholm, GW-EN, and


  • Sheila Whiteclaw - A very generous donation of many, many miscellaneous party items and goodies!
  • Aeronwen Trewent - A varied assortment of great party items,, sugar, sweets, explosives, minis and all around fun stuff! And an oppressors weapon set for the raffle
  • Sir Dran Zero - A great package of assorted tonics, sweets and other fun stuff!
  • Matrion Maeronta – An extremely generous infusion of gold
  • Leliana Amber - Some gifts of a royal inclination!
  • Angry Kidney Stone – A nice variety of assorted stuff!
  • Darkwings the Elf – Random good things!
  • End Two – An extremely, extremely generous donation of ectos.
  • Sadai the black Cat – Some great candy items!
  • Fire reignz - Dyes!
  • CT Pound – More dyes!
  • Findan The Magical - 1 armbrace 13 ectoplasm and 10 Black Dye! Oh, and did we mention a vabbian armor set? (specifics already listed so I went ahead and just listed them here as well)
  • Melony Songbringer - for a last minute, _EXTREMELY_ generous donation to the ball!