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A bitch role is a position in a team that is generally regarded as being easy to perform. While some roles such as backline, frontline and disruptive midline (Rangers and Mesmers) often require very specific skills to perform effectively and the success of team as a whole can depend heavily on their performance, a bitch role is often easy to play and a mediocre player can perform the role adequately. A good player playing a bitch role will still be more effective than a mediocre player, but the skills required are general such as kiting, pre-kiting, positioning and knowing maps.

Due to the nature of bitch roles, they are often used to conceal weaker players in a guild or team and are the spots that are most often filled by guests and PUGs.

Examples of bitch roles would include builds which contained maintained enchantments such as Strength of Honor or Life Bond, severely limiting the available energy for using skills leading to a passive playstyle, builds designed to maintain skills on a party such as Tainted Flesh or Vital Weapon or builds that purely act as a spike assist by activating a damage skill on a called target like an Elementalist utilizing both easy-to-use AoE skills, usually Fire Magic, and a couple utility skills.