Discord Wallow Lyre

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Discord Wallow Lyre
Section Echovald Forest Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Vasili Lutgardis
in House zu Heltzer
(Echovald Forest)
Preceded by Melodic Gaki Flute
Followed by Rhythm Drinker Drum
Type Secondary quest
Discord Wallow Lyre.jpg
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Hunt down a second unfortunate rare creature, and turn it into a musical instrument.

Quest information[edit]




The Discord Wallow is situated roughly in the middle of Drazach Thicket and can be reached from either Brauer Academy or Saint Anjeka's Shrine. Once killed, the Discord Wallow will drop the quest item, Discord Wallow Sinew, which you must pick up and return to Vasili Lutgardis for your reward.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Vasili Lutgardis
"The melodic gaki flute will secure me my fortune. That is, my fame. And fortune. But I must fulfill my potential! My potential, and perhaps more fortune. Fortune to share with my fellow music enthusiast.
If the melodic gaki is a myth, the discord wallow is but the memory of myth. Yet I have reason to believe one of these very creatures does exist in these lands. The discord wallow is said to sing a song so horribly out of tune that I believe it may have protected at least one wallow from the Jade Wind! If I could get my hands on the sinew of the last discord wallow, my potential would be fulfilled, and at last the secret of creating the finest lyres in the land would be mine...and yours, for a small price. I'll even throw in an advance based on my projected sales, factoring in wages and other cost overhead. Now, go find that discord wallow sinew, or I can't save you money!"
Yes Accept: "My favorite kind of target...the last kind."
No Decline: "You know, it used to be about the music. Forget it."
Ask Ask: "Taming the discordant discord wallow sinew will prove to everyone there is no sound Vasili Lutgardis cannot shape. I guarantee it!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Vasili Lutgardis
"You are exactly the kind of silent partner a legendary instrument crafter needs...the successful kind! Here's that advance on the profits, and now that I think about it, there might be more where that came from...."