Easter Egg Hunt

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Screenshot taken during event

The Easter Egg Hunt was a player event held on 9th April 2006 and 7th April 2007. The event was advertised on some fan sites. Members of the guild hid in outposts and mission towns all over Tyria, and a lot of people joined in the fun of searching for the guild. The best hunters were rewarded with great prizes, and almost everyone who entered received a prize of some kind. When a hunter found a hidden member they opened a trade to receive an item customized by the "egg" as proof of who they had found. A few people didn't play by the rules, which led the eggs to jump to different locations several times. This outpost-hopping led to mixed reactions, and some hunters reported feelings of disappointment and frustration when an egg disappeared out from under their nose. Overall it was a good thing, as it made the hunt more of a challenge, and allowed hunters to find all of the eggs, even if they hadn't been to all of the outposts. After an hour, everyone returned to Lion's Arch to collect their prizes.

During the prize giveaway, Gaile and the Frog showed up. Gaile very kindly left for 20 minutes to finish the prize giving, but The Frog was too keen to discuss the event, so the prize giving moved to International District 2. The event was successful and there were many happy hunters and eggs at the end of the event.