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Energy hiding is a weapon swapping tactic to lower your available energy pool to reduce the impact of energy denial by foes or the cost of skills that use up all available energy (e.g. Rebirth, Purge Signet, or Ether Lord).

Low energy set[edit]

A low energy weapon set typically consists of a martial weapon inscribed with "Brawn over Brains" and a zero or low-energy off-hand weapon. If you combine the martial weapon instead with a minimum energy focus item inscribed with "Ignorance is Bliss", you can lower your base energy by 7 points.


Item tl.gif Item tr.gif
Martial weapon
Variable damage
Requires [any]
Inscription: "Brawn over Brains"
Damage +15% (Energy -5)
Any prefix
Any suffix
Net energy: -5
Item bl.gif Item br.gif
Item tl.gif Item tr.gif
Focus item
Minimum energy
Requires [unmet]
Inscription: "Ignorance is Bliss"
Armor +5 (Energy -5)
Any suffix
Net energy: -2
Item bl.gif Item br.gif
Item tl.gif Item tr.gif
Armor +16
Requires [any]
Inscription: any
Any suffix
Net energy: 0
Item bl.gif Item br.gif
  • The lowest energy combination is -7.
  • Substituting a shield lowers energy by 5 points (instead of 7), but allows you to increase your armor substantially (Max shields with an unmet requirement still offer +8 AR)


  • Equip the low-energy set when at risk of energy denial, or when about to use a skill that uses up all energy.
  • Switch to an efficiency set when otherwise casting, which will increase your energy pool or a high-energy set if the additional energy is needed for the skill.
  • You can also use the low-energy set to meet low-energy requirements of certain skills (e.g. Ether Signet).