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Energy denial or e-denial is a tactic which attempts to control an foe's energy management by keeping their energy pool low - specifically, the energy pool of characters important to the foes' defense. Energy denial is often part of a larger pressure tactic. Domination mesmers generally are the most powerful profession for this purpose, but rangers often support them as well as other professions such as necromancers.

Energy denial skills[edit]

Energy loss, energy steal, overcast skills[edit]

Energy degeneration skills[edit]

Energy cost increasing skills[edit]

Skills benefiting from energy denial[edit]

  • Famine Famine
  • Malaise Malaise ends when the energy of target foe reaches 0
  • Mind Wrack Mind Wrack ends when the energy of target foe reaches 0
  • Wither Wither ends when the energy of target foe reaches 0

All cause damage when the foes reaches 0 energy, adding pressure and punishing enemies who use weapon swaps to hide their energy. A foe with low energy is also more vulnerable to skills benefitting from a target not using skills, such as Wastrel's Worry or Sloth Hunter's Shot.

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