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Update -- June 6, 2018[edit]


  • Added an Ultra shadow setting.
    • Doubles the distance, doubles the resolution, and quadruples the amount of dynamic shadows.
  • The fog/haze when using the Advanced graphics options has been slightly modified.
  • The game client restarts properly into Windowed Fullscreen when switching from Fullscreen to Windowed Fullscreen.


  • Performed server maintenance.
  • The loading screen fade has been sped up slightly.
  • The game client will no longer increase CPU usage while in the background.
    • This also improves the -fps option CPU usage.
  • The installer has been improved when uninstalling and reinstalling to another location.
  • The Lakeside County gate to the Northlands will stay open twice as long when its lever is activated.


  • Added a new Field of View slider.
  • Field of View now uses a vertical calculation—previously diagonal—which will result in a much better view of the world on widescreen and ultra widescreen monitors.
    • The old Field of View can be reenabled by using the new -oldfov command line argument.
  • Added a rotation speed slider.
  • Slightly increased the responsiveness of camera rotation.
  • The camera maximum zoom-out distance has been slightly increased.


  • Added an option to show chat timestamps for chat log entries.
  • Whispers will no longer be lost while loading maps or switching characters.
  • The chat log history has been doubled.
  • The chat log will no longer clear on map change or switching characters.

Two-Factor Authentication[edit]

  • Displays correct error when trying to log in from an unauthorized network.
  • Command line parameters "-newauth" and "-oldauth" are now ignored.

Additional notes[edit]

  • Fixed a bug that would result in UI customizations and keybindings to be reset to defaults.
  • Two Factor Authentication: added a dialog window in the login screen to enter the two factor authentication code for your login session.

Guild Wars Wiki notes[edit]

  • You can now double click a name and it will select the player if they are in the same district.