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The Mastery System[edit]

Too long have players' cries for help gone unheard! Will the people of Tyria step up and lend a hand? Enter Mastery.

Mastery is a simple system to reward those who help others in the game. People who help get others through content can gain access to specialized weapon skins, armor, faction, and/or titles.

Ghost Quests

Often, it is difficult to know how to help with a quest that you’re helping with because there are no quest markers. Ghost quests would appear as colored or flashing versions in the quest log under a ghost quests tab, based on the team members' active quest at the time. Obviously, there would be as many quests as other members of the party, but these colored/flashing quests would only appear while in the party, and can be chosen as your active ghost quest in your quest log. They disappear once completed or that party member leaves, much like explorable-specific content.
The preceding can be implemented as a standalone or as part of the Mastery System.
As part of the Mastery System, Mastery Points or Orbs would be acquired for completion of ghost quests. In order to receive credit for a ghost quest, one must already have completed the quest on that character, it must not be repeatable unless it’s a mission, you cannot repeat the same quest on the account more than once a week, and you cannot bring heroes. You are still allowed to see the ghost quests and complete them anyway, but you will not receive Mastery.

Level Downscaling

For those accompanying lower levels, instead of making it an advantage to have a high level help out, make the advantage lie clearly with the experience. Those that accompany low levels will have their levels diminished by half the difference between the highest level and the lowest level in the party. Attributes can be reduced to that of a player of that level, barring the attribute quests, which can remain. This will help the players to play as a team instead of the high level beating the content for the low level. Reducing all the way to the lowest player's level would also work, but the compromise seems best.
The preceding can be implemented as a standalone or as part of the Mastery System.


A typical Mastery Orb
Mastery Points/Orbs would be acquired through completing ghost quests.
The point total could towards a Mastery/Goodness rank with possible rank benefits:
  • Cheaper merchants. (showing merchants being good to good people)
  • Reduction in prices of prestige weapons or crafting costs for prestige armor/weapons, such as Obsidian armor or Destroyer Weapons.
  • Access to specialized Mastery weapons that would be untradeable. (to start, anyway)
  • Could count as a max title for God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals.
  • Access to new armor skins.
Orbs could be used in the following manner:
  • Could be used as Imperial Faction is used, except to advance any reputation title one desires.
  • Used to buy existing high level weapons for cheaper, or access to special Mastery weapons.
  • Used as a cheap merchant voucher for one time use, or for a time period.
  • PvP unlocks.
  • Trade for personal consumables.
  • Crafting old armor sets.
  • Trade for Zoins

The ideal example:

Big Bubba Ty is a level 20 warrior who has completed most of the content numerous times for his GWAMM. He has a few grind titles left, but enjoys helping newbies out. However, most of his friends already have GWAMM, and he feels left out. He knows he gets nothing from helping people out, other than good karma, so he chooses to continue grinding titles instead.

Under the system described above: Bubba goes to Ascalon City and finds a player called Little Guy Eli, who has just finished Pre-searing. Eli's a little depressed by the scenery, but is having huge trouble with Althea's Ashes, being a mere level 5. It's been five years since Bubba did this quest, but Bubba's quest log updates with the ghost quest "Althea's Ashes". Bubba selects the quest and his attributes and health are adjusted to that of a level 12 (round down) and they add two henchmen to fill out their party. It's a bit of a struggle, and Bubba can't easily go running ahead as he used to do, but they manage to complete the quest, and because Bubba didn't bring heroes, he gets Mastery. Bubba and Eli get along pretty well, and Bubba finds helping him particularly rewarding and invites him to his guild. Bubba continues to help Eli through the game and gains not only Mastery, but a friend. (couldn't help it!)

Please see discussion page for more specific arguments and details.