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Prophecies and Factions were designed to be done with henchmen and other players. Even henchmen only. With the current PvE henchmen rebalance, it is possible even for Alesia to keep a competent henchman player and his or her team alive. In fact if there is enough interruption in a team, Alesia is enough healing without any help from Lina in Dragon's Lair - and it includes defeating Glint.


Make 7 hero parties only available in a campaign after every mission (maybe bonus too) in the campaign has been completed on normal mode. This should be character based. This will hopefully help repopulate the Maguuma Jungle and Crystal Desert areas people simply skip.

However if a player has completed certain missions, such as Divinity Coast for Kryta(Black Curtain + anything east of it), Aurora Glade for the Maguuma Jungle, Riverside Province for South Kryta, Gates of Kryta for Scoundrel's Rise and Northern Shiverpeaks, or to have a factions example: Zen Daijun for Shing Jea Island. You should be given access to up to 3 heroes per party in each area. Note that these heroes should be limited to your party, so if player A has 3 heroes, but the area can have 6 player parties, player B can't take any hero since the 3 hero limit per party has been reached, even if player B can normally take 7 heroes. This will encourage players to play together as opposed to using full hero parties, or at least consider using henchmen.

As another option it could be tied to having completed all the mission objectives (Mission+bonus for prophecies, or master award for factions and NF.) in each mission in a given area to prevent skipping/running abuse of missions.

In EoTN it can be tied to main quests, such as Northern Allies for norn areas, and Against the Destroyers for Dungeons - although the latter might be too harsh.

This limit should be per character. If the limit was account-wide, then it's longevity would be next to zero, and it's intended function (players playing together or with henchmen only) unfilled.

Since almost every area was designed with henchmen and 3heroes/4henchmen in mind, it's a lot easier to apply these restrictions than rebalance entire campaigns.