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Something that has been bothering me a bit for quite a while is that the dervish has been overnerfed a bit for PvP and reduced it's effectiveness too much. Some of it's PvP could use some minor buffs to improve it's playability. It's mainly the IAS skills that have been hit a bit too hard.

Aura of Thorns (PvP) Aura of Thorns (PvP) 5 Energy10 Recharge time Flash enchantment (30 seconds). Initial effect:inflict bleeding condition (5...13...15 seconds) to adjacent foes. End effect: inflicts crippled condition (3...7...8 seconds) to adjacent foes.

Since the conditions have been swapped the cost increase is something that isn't needed anymore. Still to prevent a large AoE cripple i reduced it's range to adjacent. This makes it much more playable for PvP without losing much of it's effectiveness. But right now the cost is preventing it from being good. But atm i am rather doubtful if the PvP version is still needed.

Heart of Fury (PvP) Heart of Fury (PvP) 4 Adrenaline4 Recharge time Stance (2...8...10 seconds). You attack 25% faster.

Pious Fury (PvP) Pious Fury (PvP) 5 Energy10 Recharge time Stance (1...4...5 seconds). You attack 25% faster and lose 1 dervish enchantment. Removal effect: lasts 50% longer.

I reduced the recharge of both the non-elite IAS skills so that they are maintainable at a large investment. For Pious Fury i reduced the duration increase when it removes a dervish enchantment instead of an increase in recharge.

Onslaught (PvP) Onslaught (PvP) 10 Energy10 Recharge time Elite Flash enchantment (2...8...10 seconds). You attack 25% faster and gain adrenaline 25% faster.

Since the removal of the speed boost it hasn't been properly rebalanced. To balance it out i made it maintainable again when used with an enchantment mod.

These are some small changes to improve the offense of the dervish in PvP, i doubt they will hurt the balance of PvP.

Something else that came to my mind for both PvP and PvE is Zealous Renewal. As energy management in noticed it's inferior to Eremite's Zeal and the attack skills Radiant Scythe and Zealous Sweep. There are also alot better flash enchantments to take as feeders, it's imitation as a zealous mod isn't very usable either. The only build it currently has use for is a running build. To make it more usable as a feeder that provides energy return i suggest a small change to it.

Zealous Renewal Zealous Renewal 5 Adrenaline2 Recharge time Flash enchantment spell (20 seconds). Initial effect: gain 0...2...2 strikes of adrenaline. End effect: gain 1...4...5 energy if it ends early.

I changed it into a flash enchantment spell that costs adrenaline and fully acts as a feeder. To prevent it from hindering an adrenaline teardown attack it gives a small ammount of adrenaline and at a high investment a gain of 1 strike of adrenaline. The end effect remains the same giving energy. Costing adrenaline and the the scythe's ability to hit multiple foes it is a feeder that can be recharged quite fast fueling the teardown attacks. The effects of the avatars and the fast recharging Wounding Strike will also benefit from it quite well. I don't see it superior in effect to Pious Renewal since Pious Renewal can be seen as an on-demand feeder that can fuel any teardown skill instantly, something Zealous Renewal cannot do. Well it should prove some interresting play as a feeder.