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A concern about the current functionality of the skill Decapitate is that the energy and adrenaline cost for a Warrior is too cumbersome, as Warriors have low energy pool and low energy regeneration as well as having most of their attacks highly dependent on adrenaline. As such, this elite skill is virtually useless and inconvenient for a Warrior and can be consequential if the attack is blocked. As such, I'm suggesting a functionally similar to Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support for PvE (with a drawback of killing yourself unless if have a certain Axe Master level in order to avoid gimmick builds such as Assassin builds specializing on critical hits), and some sort of beneficial spike finisher in PvP. After all, having some functionality that serves as a megaspike in PvP is just too powerful.


8 Adrenaline If this attack hits, you deal +5...41...50 and always result in a critical hit. You have 10% chance of dealing an additional +600...1080...1200 damage if the attack hits. (50% chance of killing yourself with Axe Mastery 11 or less).

    • The backfire will count towards your death, thus affecting your Survivor Title.


8 Adrenaline If this attack hits a foe below 50% health, the foe will suffer Deep Wound for 5...17...20 and result in a critical hit. If you kill a foe with this attack, you gain 2...4...5 energy and 1...3...4 adrenaline.