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Fines doubled in work zones

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4 Adrenaline1 Activation time Bow Attack. Deals 25...45...50 damage. (Attrib: Marksmanship) (edit)

Ritualist: Elite skills[edit]

Ritualist: Unique skill-types - Rituals[edit]

Ritualist: Spirits[edit]

Ritualist: Binding Spirits[edit]

10 Energy¾ Activation time30 Recharge time

    • Binding Ritual. Create a level 1...10...12 spirit (30...78...90 second lifespan). Causes 3...9...10 Health loss each second to foes in earshot; Hexed foes attack 33% slower. This spirit loses 3...9...10 Health for each foe that loses Health.

10 Energy¾ Activation time20 Recharge time

    • Binding Ritual. Create a level 1...11...14 spirit (30 second lifespan). Earshot foes have 20 less armor. Death effect: all foes in the area take 5...21...25 damage for each second the Spirit was alive (maximum 150 damage).

Ritualist: Spirit Weapons[edit]

Ritualist: Item Spells[edit]

Throwable Bundles?!

5 Energy¼ Activation time3 Recharge time - Skill. Slow-moving projectile; launch a firebomb at target foe. If it hits, it gives the target a Fire Bomb bundle. If it misses the target, the fire bomb bundle is left on the ground where it hit. In either case, the fire bomb will cause Firebomb Explosion after a set amount of time. This skill cannot recharge slower than normal.

    • Fire Bomb Fire Bomb - Bundle. After 5 seconds, it explodes, creating a Firebomb Explosion effect.
      • Firebomb Explosion Firebomb Explosion - Signet. Affects nearby foes. Deals 200 fire damage and inflicts Burning condition (5 seconds).

Ritualist: Weapon Spells[edit]

Ritualist: Shared skill-types[edit]

Ritualist: Signets[edit]

Ritualist: Spells[edit]

Ritualist: Enchantment Spells[edit]

Ritualist: Hex Spells[edit]

Ritualist: Touch Spells[edit]

Ritualist: Untyped[edit]