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Just because I suggest it doesn't mean that it has to be done.
You can play how you want while I play how I want, my suggestions are my opinions on how to alter the game....

Konig Des Todes


There are unexpected facts about having ideas that come with the experiences of trying to share them:
Proposing ideas in public space may be treated as hostile foreign aggression.
Having good ideas also does not produce less annoying arguments than having bad ones.
Better ideas are the ones that are more immediately threatening ones to people who want 'their own' ideas to win out....

Master Fuhon


Now please for once adjust your view of balance to the level of balance the live-team has set for the professions and properly answer me this: whats imba... so I can balance [it] properly.
And don't give me some useless half-assed feedback like you did above.
[Although] knowing it does not matter anymore at this point... I still do suggest an improvement...

Da Mystic Reaper

Info-Logo.png Note: Feedback:Main is officially shutdown... This page is officially my new sandbox
  • This user's suggestion are strictly for PvE. (Unless stated otherwise.)
  • This user acknowledges and respects skill nomenclature; and endeavor's to invent new ones.
  • This user is more interested in 'innovative concepts' then in 'precise numbers'.
  • This user 'borrows' feedback proposals from other contributors; and assumes many are already implemented.
  • This user dislikes 'Untyped skills' and No Attribute skills; and consider's these uncreative game-design.

My suggestions[edit]

This is the personal suggestion homepage for Falconeye.


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(Are you not Falconeye? See Feedback:Getting started for how to create your own suggestion homepage and add suggestions!)
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(I'm sure I meant something mo' better.)
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Project: Amalgamation[edit]

Feedback: 'To Do List'[edit]

  • Naku and Vizu are the only Canthan heroes who do not have a skill named after them. (unexceptable!)



Warrior Warrior[edit]
Ranger Ranger[edit]

Monk Monk[edit]
Necromancer Necromancer[edit]

Mesmer Mesmer[edit]
Elementalist Elementalist[edit]

Assassin-tango-icon-200.png Assassin[edit]
Ritualist Ritualist[edit]

Paragon Paragon[edit]
Dervish Dervish[edit]


Any Common[edit]
Monster Monster[edit]

Signet of Capture.jpg PvE-only[edit]
PvP.jpg PvP-only[edit]

Journey to the North.jpg World[edit]
Resurrection Signet.jpg Player interactions[edit]
  • ---

Flux.jpg Mechanic[edit]
Loose Magic.jpg Item[edit]

Holy Blessing.jpg Allies[edit]

Lunar Blessing.jpg Event[edit]

Guild Wars 1[edit]

(Disclaimer: I don't play high-end PvP these days, so unless stated otherwise, these suggestion are strictly for PvE.)

Archived / Hidden / Resolved[edit]

Info-Logo.png Note: This includes suggestions already implemented, those unlikely to be implemented, and those that are superseded by -better suggestions- (or recent updates).

My quick reference links[edit]

5 Energy0 Activation time20 Recharge time,

5 Adrenaline1 Activation time1 Recharge time, 33% Sacrifice1 Energy0 Activation time0 Recharge time, 33 Overcast1 Energy0 Activation time0 Recharge time

  • Warrior, Ranger, Monk, Necromancer, Mesmer, Elementalist, Assassin, Ritualist, Paragon, Dervish
  • (-A- & -B- represents duplicates; different skills with same name, or same skills with different names.)
  • AB
  • Power Shot Power Shot

4 Adrenaline1 Activation time Bow attack. Deals 25...45...50 damage. (Attrib: Marksmanship) (edit)

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