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Edifice of Fahranur - Once the main gates to Fahranur, the edifice originally had a plaza extending over the pool. The Charelon Stream eroded the foundations and caused a partial collapse of its supports, flooding the lower city. The Edifice has since been renovated by the Society of Engineers.

Pavillion of the Lost Queens - A wide covered plaza located northwest of the city. The stone roof was supported by a pair of carved Queen Heads of great antiquity. It is not known who these queens depict.

Charelon Stream - A tumbling cascade originating in Northern Istan, Charelon Stream once provided the water for the First City. Now it has seeped through the foundations and flooded its lower depths.

Kossheh Monument - The newest of monuments, this site is currently under construction by the Istani Society of Engineers and Architects, to whom it is also dedicated. Once finished, it will be the largest monument in Istan.

Eastern Polders - Low-lying land, originally part of the sea when these were separate islands. The Eastern Polders have been filled and cultivated, and the resulting ponds are used to raise fish, frogs, reeds, and edible lilies.

Western Polders - Low-lying land, originally part of the sea when these were separate islands. The Western Polders have been filled and cultivated. The resulting ponds are used to raise fish, frogs, reeds, and edible lilies.

Elona Docks - The Elona Docks are used by boats setting sail for Kourna.

Vohlon Estuary - A shallow arm of the sea stretching into the heart of Istan's largest island.

Mehluh Anchorage - A coastal village, this is the second-largest port on Istan and is used by individuals unable or unwilling to reach Kamadan,

Bihjok Estates - A distant area of low shanties sprung up among the restored towers of the older nation.

Chajok Field - Chajok Field is not but the picked-over ruins from the days of the First City.

Churrhir Fields - A region south of Kamadan used for training young Sunspears

Jahin Falls - The third cataract of the Elon River has had some of its waters diverted to feed a series of terraced gardens on the Eastern side of the river.

Zerranu Diggings - Open Pit mine owned by Prince Mehtu the Wise. It produces gold and gemstones.

The Grand Forum of Vab - An opulent pleasure dome established as a neutral meeting ground for the Princes of Vabbi. Usually the site of celebrations.

Najdah Chasms - Wilderness at the base of the Bokka Ampitheater. Considered unimportant, is often used by hunters seeking creatures for stage performances.

Jabahd - no description

Old Manka Hold - Estate formerly controlled by the Manka Clan, abandoned due to Centaur raids.

Venta Cemetery - Once a graveyard for Kournans slain by Centaurs, ghosts are not the only ones who call this place home nowadays. The cemetery has been converted into a small, walled town with the living sharing their space with the headstones of the dead.

Chakoss - Most northernly Kournan outpost. This garrison exists solely to send a rider to Kourna in case something comes out of the Desolation. It is a lonely posting.

Morzek Garrison - Kournan fortification charged with protection from the inhuman tribes

Gidara - Kournan fortification guarding western access to the Elon river valley

Zelbahn Garrison - Garrison along the road to Gandara, dominated the lesser delta of the Elon

Arkona Hills - Rugged uplands of western Kourna

Venta Flats - Southern, higher portion of this rough teritory

Freeman's Cove - Hidden community along coast controlled by corsairs

Mahnkelon Ward - Water pumping station used to filtrate parts of the Elon and flush the waste into the Bahnelon

Bokoss Prison - Off-shore prison nest to Gandara. Legendary as Kourna's "Devil's Island".

Bahnelon River - Underground river that emerges to the south and flows into the sea at Freeman's Cove.

Ronjok - Village oppressed by the nearby Kournan garrison, sympathetic to Sunspears.

Arventa Wastes - Northern, lower, more arid section of the plains, gateway to the Desolation.

Plaza of the Five Gods - Holy shrine within the Moon Fort dedicated to the five great gods. Considered, with the Sebelkeh Basilica, one of the great holy spots in Elona.

Barbarous Coast - Coastal area east and south of Gandara, noted for its corsairs and smugglers

Eastern Foothills - Rising uplands to the East of the Elon River.

Marshal's Demense - Lands officially belonging to the Warmarshal, left as relative wilderness and hunting grounds.

Abaddon - The imprisoned god, chained by the Five True Gods here, and straining against his chains

Kormir's Ascension - Place where Kormir is attains godhood, the heart of what will become the Redeemed Realm.

Ebony Citadel of Mallyx - A tower built from the bones of his dead demonic brethren, Mallyx has established his own domain in the shattered heart of Abaddon's realm.

Malafarium - Heart of the Atrocity Library, once the heart of the Margonite Culture before the fall.

Ravenheart Gloom - A place of utter darkness, without feature and, when one is trapped within it, without end.

Battlements of Bec'qessor - Margonite city dominated by demons who have erected the soulweir and feast on the souls of the damned.

The Soulweir - Dam thrown across the River of Souls by the demons to allow them to harvest the souls of those touched by Abaddon.

Harvestman's Lair - A flooded cavern filled with remains of the gods of insectoid beings. No native spiders are ever seen, but there is the scurry of thin legs and something made all those webs.

Abaddon's Gate - Abaddon's Gate is the entrance to third and final layer of the prison built by the five gods. Beyond this gate lies the Heart of Abaddon, where the dark god, twisted by centuries of torment, strains against his prison. It lies at the bottom of the Realm of Madness, surrounded by constantly flowing falls, which carry the entire realm's torment down upon the imprisoned god.

City of Ar'Challah - Margonite city in the depths of Madness.

City of Torc'qua - Refugee City of former Abaddon worshipers, now ensalved by Mallyx the Unyielding.

Plaza of Corrupt Dreams - Knowledge and art that has been judged by the Five Gods as pertaining to Abaddon

Gate of Madness - The Gate of Madness lies beyond the Domain of Secrets. It is the entrance to the Realm of Madness, which extends deep into the Realm of Torment. This deep well of madness acts as a buffer between Abaddon's ultimate prison and the great locks that have held him imprisoned in the Realm of Torment for a millennia.

The Spider's Heart - Glowing radiance of evil at the heart of Arachnia. Said to be the remains of a now-dead spider-god, older than Abaddon and the Five True Gods themselves.

Devourer's Maw - Extrusion of Abaddon's will into the Depths of Madness, linking it to the other Realms.

Gate of Pain - The Gate of Pain is one of the great locks erected by the five gods to imprison Abaddon. Located on the first layer of the Realm of Torment, the lock was sundered when Varesh completed her convocation with Abaddon, allowing the fallen lord to coalesce enough of his godform to begin extruding parts of his tormented realm into the real world. Past the gate lies a river of tormented souls damned to live in Abaddon's pain forever.

Abaddon's Dead Children - Graveyard of dead Demigods. These demigods were created by Abaddon during his long imprisonment. They grew, challenged their mentor, and were slain.

Gate of Secrets - The Gate of Secrets is the entrance to the second layer of Abaddon's prison. Erected by the five gods to imprison his evil scriptures and dark secrets, Abaddon has since gained control of this layer and uses the secrets to torment people he has "blessed" in the real world with hideous nightmares and visions of distorted reality.

Temple of the Six Gods - Originally a temple on the shores of the Crystal Sea, was despoiled by Margonites and sucked into Torment when Abaddon was defeated. Some of the original god-power has remained captive within it.

Gate of Anguish - The Gate of Anguish is one of the great locks erected by the five gods to imprison Abaddon. Located on the first layer of the Realm of Torment, the lock was sundered when Varesh performed her unholy ceremony at the Temple of Lyssa in Vabbi, allowing the fallen lord to coalesce part of his godform and gain much greater control over his prison. Past the gate lies a whirpool of darkness.

River of Souls - Once a flow that took the drained souls down into storage in the abyss. Since damned by the natives of Bec'quessor, who feed on the still-conscious souls.

Vale of Shadows - Wide, broad plain crossed with swaying shadows. Looking up, the shadows are from great arachnid legs.

Foundary of Failed Creations - Demonic territory, a tormented region made of parts of failed realities, all jumbled togethers. If demons created the world, this is what it would look like.

Chahbek Village - A small community supportive of the Sunspears, threatened by Corsairs raiders

Kamadan, Jewel of Istan - Kamadan is the home port for the mighty Istani navy, and the main point of landfall for ships from nearby Kourna, as well as those traveling from Cantha, Tyria, and the Battle Isles. Its deep harbor is sheltered from seasonal storms by a ridge of hills to the south. Built around relics and statues from the days of the Primeval Kings, Kamadan has earned the title, Jewel of Istan.

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