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This is the personal suggestion homepage for Konig Des Todes.

A while ago I went and deleted all my suggestions, intending to return with them improved, shortened, and simplified. Here I am returning with those suggestions.

These suggestions are made under the presumption that the Live Team will be making content in the future, despite the apparent lack of such since Guild Wars 2's release.

Just because I suggest it doesn't mean that it has to be done.
You can play how you want while I play how I want, my suggestions are my opinions on how to alter the game....

Konig Des Todes


Tennessee Ernie Ford

(yes, I did just quote someone quoting me)

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This material needs all the help it can get.
(I'm sure I meant something mo' better.)
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You have permission to edit this page as long as you respect its intent. (I reserve the right to revert.)

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