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This edit[edit]

I was literally thinking about that an hour before you edited it. I couldn't find any other lowercase "god" or "gods" at a glance, though, so I left it like that myself. Do you reckon the capitalization is solely based on standard English practice? In my opinion none of the instances of "god" or "gods" need to be capitalized on the wiki, as they do not depict the only god that requires capitalization (Christianity's god, God). I don't suppose it's worth the edits to reflect such things, though. - Infinite - talk 10:09, 27 August 2013 (UTC)

I think the capitalization was done without knowledge of how the word god was used in references and whether or not it should be capitalized. I say that this is a very good reference. You are correct in that this word was not suppose to be capitalized. However, people do make mistakes. Rodan (talk) 17:08, 27 August 2013 (UTC)
Gods of Tyria uses proper capitalization from what I see. In titles (e.g., God of Death, Old Gods, Six Gods), the word is capitalized. When talking about them in general (no title), it's lower case. I don't know if it's American practice or overall English though. Konig 01:41, 28 August 2013 (UTC)

Temple of Nai[edit]

I didn't know what other lore fanatic to turn to. I saw that Temple of Nai was needing an image, and I thought it'd be easy to capture it. But now I'm doubting whether or not I captured the actual Temple of Nai. Care to shed some light on things so I can possibly move it to the main space article if it's correct as is? - Infinite - talk 20:32, 5 September 2013 (UTC)

I don't recall ever seeing structures near Ang during Shackled Spirits, which is why I never got a picture of it. If there is indeed a nearby structure I'd go with that. I don't know where you got that image so I cannot say. Konig 17:54, 6 September 2013 (UTC)
It's the structure in the mountains near Ang, the only temple-like structure in that direct area. A quick walk there might help deducing whether it's the temple. - Infinite - talk 18:21, 6 September 2013 (UTC)

Eternal grove dialogue[edit]

the bit previously referred to with the section-stub tag was comparing:

Mission page Cinematic page
Baron Mirek Vasburg: "Until further notice, the Luxons are our allies."
Baron Mirek Vasburg: "You stand with us now."
Baron Mirek Vasburg: "If anyone has a problem with this, speak it now or forever hold your peace."
Baron Mirek Vasburg: "Let's Stand."
Baron Mirek Vasburg: "Good. Now comes the hard part."
Baron Mirek Vasburg: "Until further notice, the Luxons are our allies."
Baron Mirek Vasburg: "If anyone has an argument with this, speak it now, or forever hold your peace."
Baron Mirek Vasburg: "You stand with us now."
Baron Mirek Vasburg: "Good. Now comes the hard part."

i.e. the middle lines are not the same. The cinematic page is possibly missing a line, and might also be out of sequence. Also, "Let's Stand." sounds out of place... or at least might be sentence-case. -Chieftain Alex 20:02, 3 April 2014 (UTC)

Bleh, I looked and didn't see the difference there. Anyways, checked youtube video (saw EN armor used by the PC of the recorder), and it's the second case. Konig 20:38, 3 April 2014 (UTC)
Thank you for fixing it! -Chieftain Alex 23:17, 3 April 2014 (UTC)

Laughing. My. Ass. Off.[edit]

gw2:User talk:Konig Des Todes. I say I'm leaving. Auron starts up a discussion which quickly becomes a shitstorm with me asking for nothing to be done to Santax, mind you I fell into my habit of writing more than I initially intend but it isn't like I wasn't insulted either (even by random IPs), and I get a 3 month ban while Santax cannot edit something I've been a most recent editor for. I'm just laughing my ass off here, seeing how I held no intention to return to GW2W ever - as I stated. Reminds me of when Plingg banned me for 1 month. I said I was sick and tired and was going to leave, I get banned. Apparently GW2W folks hate it when people leave, so they ban them! ROFLMAO
On a side, Santax actually instigated me quite a lot. I find this even more hilarious in consideration.
Welp, no reason to continue following up on that discussion since it dealt a bit with me. I got a laugh out of it. Auron, if you read this, just go ahead and permaban me. Cuz I don't give a fucking shit about it, it holds no affect on me either way. And feel free to delete/permaban my former/alt accounts there. gw2:User:Konig (made to prevent confusions), gw2:User:Azazel the Assassin (original main account), and gw2:User:AccursedAzazel (first but never really used, forgot I had it when I made Azazel the Assassin). Hell, delete/ban here too if you feel like it. There's little to nothing to do on this wiki anyways.
Still. Laughing my ass off. "You want to leave? TOO BAD! BANHAMMER!" Konig 21:09, 9 April 2014 (UTC)

Hmm, maybe I should expand why I find the banning happening hilarious. It mostly involves the discussions directly prior to such. Basically:
  1. Shit happens.
  2. I get tired of the shit and say I'm going to leave (peacefully).
  3. I get banned instead of being allowed to leave peacefully, often discussion leading to the ban happening from the mention of leaving (like the one Auron started in the admin noticeboard, or Pling's comment here). What I found hilarious about that post by Pling "threats of leaving" - they're not threats. How can me leaving be a threat, unless you care for my contributions so much that me leaving is a threat, in which banning is just as ridiculous - and I don't have such grandeous self-esteem to think my contributions are nearly so important. It's me stating I'm leaving because it's becoming too stressful for me to bother deal with, exactly like last time I left this time for the same reason - shit happened, wiki contirbuting turned from relaxing to stressful, I decide it's not worth it... and I get banned. But the constant "edit wars" and "walls of text" arguments that everyone ignored is okay?
Seriously guys, are you just incapable of letting people leave when they announce it? Is it that you must feel like you hold control? That people cannot leave without your say? I wonder what Bob Hare would say about this...
I'm just... this is too fucking stupid guys. Ignore it until someone "threatens" to leave, then ban the person "threatening" to leave? Just... What the fuck? This is so stupid it's laughing facepalm worthy! This time happened exactly the same as last time, and it started because I said I was leaving!? I have to wonder if you'd all let this keep going if I decided to go without announcement? Would you have banned me still? What if I didn't leave or mention considering it, would you do nothing at all like you were for months before?
This is a repeating cycle I'm seeing here. Ignore until someone says they're tired of dealing with it and thus will leave. Then you come in, discuss without any consensus, and an admin basically goes in fancy terminology "fuck it, banhammer." even if the one who's banned said he's leaving! GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER ADMINS, THIS IS PATHETIC. If you don't want to deal with the shit, then don't step in at the last minute, especially in multiple cases. It just makes you look worse. Honestly, I'm amazed I even bothered dealing with you guys for so long. Santax isn't the issue to me, you guys are. Because you don't do shit until the absolute last second, and even then you don't bother with it as you should - you take the simple road out. That's how I see it. Just... hilariously stupid. Konig 21:25, 9 April 2014 (UTC)
As an ex-admin I may not have a right to say this (though I wasn't involved), but: I still think you're one of the most important contributors both the GWW and the GW2W has ever seen. You care about that what most players and editors care almost nothing about. You care about the lore. You know your stuff. Watching you leave is like watching the story get ripped from the Guild Wars universe and... oh- that largely happened in Guild Wars 2, I guess. I don't give a flying whatever about what all the admins did and why. I wasn't there, I don't know all the details and I'm not going to put the energy into reading up on all of it. At this point it feels pretty moot either way. I'll just say what I feel needs to be said by someone other than random contributors who appreciated what you did: I'll miss you here. You are/were/will always be a single contributor worth thousands. Wherever it is you'll be going for the recreational purposes you long for, I hope that place and time treats you well. I feel you deserve that. - Infinite - talk 23:16, 9 April 2014 (UTC)
Well, I don't care for others to put a say about the admin's actions. I'm just ranting about how I view the admins (in a general sense): lazy, especially when it comes to crowd control, and misguided in how they go about things. If "leaving" is really a threat then convince the individual to not leave, rather than ban; while the admins of GW2W constantly said that Santax and I couldn't compromise, all the comments I've seen is "they're always at each others throats, what should we do?" over and over again with no one attempting a compromise until this last time, which came in the form of what honestly feels like a semi-ban - not allowing the editing of an article if the other party was one of the most recent editors for the article (which now that I'm gone, will be a rofltastic and annoying hurdle for Santax and since he has to nag the admins to get an edit through, you can bet that he'll have to for almost every single edit he does given how many lore articles I've edited and how few other editors for said articles there are).
But ah, I'm ranting now aren't I? Thanks for the compliments. I had for quite some time refused - even got annoyed with - the constant compliments of being so knowledgeable and so important to the lore community. But recently I stopped disliking it. Maybe because of the lowering quality in the lore. Or my growing interest in zodiacs and the like - fun fact: I'm a Metal Horse for the chinese zodiac, which are known for being stubborn and being good at memorization and analytical skills, guess that fits me perfectly for my contributions on GWW/GW2W.
As for my recreation? For now, I got a GW-related project to work on. But I hope to just get it running for the public before I take my leave. I'm losing continuous interest in the GW community so I may distance myself slowly overtime. Though it's hard to. I love the franchise too much. Konig 23:40, 9 April 2014 (UTC)
I saw this referenced on my favourite non-news site, where we're beating up a user who failed to flounce properly. [1]. -Chieftain Alex 23:42, 9 April 2014 (UTC)
I'm sure there's a joke in there. I don't see it. I'm presuming you're saying I'm flouncing - and while it may be true in announcing that I'd leave, I only announced so folks don't go continuing to post on my talk or wonder where I went. If not for TEF's emails to me talking about Auron's Admin Noticeboard post and asking me to not leave, you would not have seen me again after the "Eye of Kralkatorrik" half-fix.
On an aside, it is true that you learn new words everyday. Flounce, who knew such an odd-sounding word existed. Konig 01:20, 10 April 2014 (UTC)
It is sad that they cannot leave the good editors alone, but choose them as their whipping boy. I hope that for the good editors banned and unbanned that they find peace. That the troubles find and learn from their mistakes and to be given a solid clean slate. Rodan (talk) 06:10, 10 April 2014 (UTC)
If they were truly good editors, they would have been left alone. Good editors need no supervision or oversight - or someone to clean up their messes.
Either way, I'm sorry to see you take this so personally, Konig. You of all people know how I view the wiki; the project comes before all things. Here on GWW, that credo led me to protecting you for years despite your deplorable, childish, immature, territorial, arrogant and assholish behavior because I felt you were a net gain to the wiki. I stuck up for you despite multiple users complaining about you because you forced me to choose between them and you. Your inability to work in a collaborative environment, your inherent combativeness whenever your edits get challenged, and your incivility and arrogance that shone through whenever discussions happened made you impossible to work with. Maybe I was in denial back then, maybe I was just plain stupid. But that "inaction" you blame the sysops for was not inaction - I knew the effect you were having on other contributors, I knew how many people you were driving away. But I stuck by you because I believed in your ability to make the wiki better.
Apparently that counts for nothing. I was the only one - THE ONLY ONE - who stuck up for you for years. I was the reason you didn't get banned years ago for behavior that got other users banned; attitude problems worse than ariyen, content disputes worse than falconeye, and a god complex that rivaled mtew. Through all of that, I was the only one to defend you. And it wasn't good enough for you. My choice to keep you around was a apparently sign of weakness, a sign that I was inactive and unaware of the wiki's happenings. Letting you fester and plague the wiki with your behavior is the sysops' fault because we were lazy. Banning you for it is also our fault because of your god complex - you're above the rules, and despite all the disruption you've caused, it was "a joke" that we happened to ban you when you took a break. Nothing we do can ever be good enough. Years of sticking up for you, reaching out to you, hoping you realize how big of a douche you appear in every conversation and changing it to better fit into the wiki community... well, it's been a trip, that much is certain. And I've learned a lot.
I guess the most important thing I learned is that people don't change. You'll always act childish, deplorable, arrogant and self-centered - nothing I can do will ever change that. I'm sorry I even tried. But I will do the only thing in my power; protect the wiki from you. -Auron 08:01, 10 April 2014 (UTC)
Also, not that it matters, but your angry outburst here pretty much confirmed that my decision on GW2W was the right one. You view the wiki as your personal playground, and anyone that gets in your way for any reason at all is beneath you - regardless of how much they've done for you or how much they've sacrificed for you, you still find a way to degrade their decisions and their character. It's that toxic behavior that drove so many users away - from you, from your pages, from the entire wiki project... and now it's finally gone. -Auron 08:12, 10 April 2014 (UTC)