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Info-Logo.png Note: This part of my overarching revamp suggestion. This page includes suggested changes to each of the five major festivals.

Canthan New Year[edit]

Extended celebrations[edit]

Because Wintersday and Halloween lasts for weeks while Canthan New Year and Dragon Festival lasts a weekend, extending the Canthan New Year to be longer would put them more on par.

Nubah Lao[edit]

Quick, maybe not easy, and reasonable. Change this guy to be a regular crafter. He's a good source of fireworks but having to click 3 times for 1 party point is annoying as all hell. Alternatively, have him offer to take all of your supplies for the required firework to create the maximum amount from what's in your inventory.

New Content[edit]

Naturally, as Wintersday and Halloween continue to get new quests each year, it is only fair that Canthan New Year gets new content as well. Furthermore, Canthan New Year allows the largest amount of creativity as each year the focus of the event changes to a new celestial. Alternatively or additionally, all twelve (and more) can have influence each year, rather than just the celestial of focus.

Likewise, since the new year is meant to be springtime, there could be quests revolving that idea, including more Nian.

Victory Token collectors[edit]

These collectors are seriously in need of changes. From the 5 Victory Token collector, you can get a 1-sweet point item or three 1-party point items. From the 10 Victory Token collector, you can get two 2-sweet point items, a 3-sweet point item, a 1-ale point item, a 3-ale point item, and various scrolls.

Considering the alternative methods of getting party items, the only reason anyone would have of getting something from Seiji would be a sugary blue drink for the faster speed boost. And from Sheng Yi no one would get red bean cakes or the scrolls, and the only reason to get rice wine would be to sell it to the merchant and make money.

What I suggest would be to add a collector of 3 victory tokens and give this new guy all of the 1 pointers, except rice wine which goes to Seiji, who will also get the Red Bean Cake and the scrolls, and Sheng Yi would keep the 3-pointers and the cupcakes (for the birthday celebration). Along with this, I would add crates of fireworks to Sheng Yi and Festival Prizes to Seiji.

Dragon Nest[edit]

My suggestion for this is short and simple: Increase the gamer point reward. One point per person outscored is not very helpful in any form. I would suggest 3 points per outscored individual minimum.

Birthday Celebration[edit]

The Birthday Celebration is treated on par to the other four major ones, but it lacks any quests, finale, or, well, anything unique. It is merely an "event of nostalgia" Likewise, many people missed the one-time event Day of the Tengu, which just so happened to take place at the same time as the birthday of Guild Wars.

I suggest bringing back the Day of the Tengu as part of the Birthday Celebration.


For the first year - and perhaps forever - there would be three quest chains:

Quests would reward Victory Tokens for a later prize in the festival.

For more on the Teller of Tales suggestion, see Feedback:User/Konig Des Todes/Teller of Tales. His quests would be akin to the idea behind the War in Kryta bounty quests after completing The Battle for Lion's Arch (re-enactments but without the silly actor skins).

Altered outposts

Since this is mainly a "nostalgia event," alongside the current changes done to Birthday Celebration (if the Day of the Tengu had unique decorations for Shing Jea Monastery, then add those as well), I would like to bring back the original Tomb of the Primeval Kings design (much like how Halloween brings the Halloween decorations, restoring it, this event would simply restore it). Again, this is so that new players can experience what old players did, while old players can re-experience it.

New Arena

So that the event no longer borrows off of Canthan New Year and Dragon Festival for its PvP'ness, I'd propose that to further the ideology of nostalgia, there is an NPC which allows access to a hidden outpost for Hero Battles. To help remove the red resign issue that caused its closing, the parties will be structured differently - everyone enters with one hero, and is paired up with two other individuals (creating a semi-Costume Brawl set-up).

Finale reward

This one is a tough thing to figure out. The Tengu Hat has very special significance to players, and other older hats do as well. However, in spirit of the nostalgia, I'd like to suggest that those which have 250 Victory Tokens can gain any hat which is newer than the account's creation.

This way, old players can get hats that were deleted - or missed - before the Festival hat maker NPC was introduced. Likewise, newer players can regain those that they missed.

Along with this, I'd propose a means to get hats older than one's account - in exchange for locking out the above ability, and for only one hat, trading in 500 Victory Tokens can get access to the non-limited time festival hats (e.g., halloween, wintersday, and dragon festival hats).

Dragon Festival[edit]

I came up with the idea of how to implement a certain idea that was tossed around the Guru2 forums before Winds of Change's release: the re-inactments getting crashed as the introduction to WoC.

Except, I won't be including the WoC idea, as it has already begun a while back.

Extended celebrations[edit]

Because Wintersday and Halloween lasts for weeks while Canthan New Year and Dragon Festival lasts a weekend, extending the Dragon Festival to be longer would put them more on par.

Changes to old content[edit]

The first thing I must state is that the missions available from Rujiyo needs to be available longer. Specifically speaking, I'm thinking that the missions should act like the Halloween and Wintersday NPCs - they appear at a certain time and are available until the end of the event come that time.

Let's say that the event lasts a week, rather than 4 days - you get three extra days. Day 1, we get Imperial Guard Hanso and his quest chain. Every 12 hours after the event's state, we get a mission available from Rujiyo. So if the event starts at noon, Haiju Lagoon becomes available at midnight and stays available until the end of the finale. Noon the next day, we get Jaya Bluffs, and so forth.

Even if the missions become available all at once, the main importance of it, imo, is to have them available at all times. This is important because people are not able to play and thus can miss some missions.

Additions to Dragon Festival[edit]

(Changing from the previous idea to something new) The theme of the Dragon Festival seems to have become "reenactments" - so instead of my old idea which gave a new plot twist to the reenactments of the first Dragon Festival, create new quests which reenact different battles.

For instance, an idea provided by a friend, have a quest (chain) which features the events of Kitah fighting Appollonia and her pirates. Another idea could be a famous battle from the Tengu Wars (the actors being tengu would use a Tengu Mask while other others would have a Dragonguard helm.

Tyria and Elona could get similar quests too - reenactments of fighting the charr (charr actors using Charr Hats) and Joko's undead (using Mummy Masks and Zombie Face Paint, perhaps even Skeleton Face Paint too).

A few quests like these, a single event reenactment added each year, would reinvigorate the Dragon Festival for PvE'ers quite easily, especially lore hounds.

Victory Token collectors[edit]

See above.