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Death Magic

50% Sacrifice1 Energy3 Activation time30 Recharge time

  • Elite Animate Spell. Creates a level 3...21...25 flesh golem which leaves a fresh corpse when it dies and is the target of your next 1...3...3 skills that exploit corpses. Exploits a fresh corpse. You can have only one flesh golem at a time.
  • Monarch Blade Monarch Blade - Flesh golem deals +10-25 adjacent damage.
  • Burrow Charge Burrow Charge - Flesh Golem quickly moves towards target foe and causes knockdown for three seconds.
  • Tissue Assimilation Tissue Assimilation - Flesh Golem heal 40% of the damage dealt with their attacks.
  • Chitinous Plating Chitinous Plating - Flesh Golem is harder to kill.
  • Reincarnation Reincarnation - Once every 60 seconds, upon death the Flesh Golem enters a cocoon to regenerate, emerging at full HP upon hatching. The cocoon lasts 10 seconds, has 200 HP and 100 armor; if it is killed the Flesh Golem dies.
N/any Flesh Golem
Hundred Blades.jpg
Hundred Blades
Defy Pain.jpg
Defy Pain
Vampirism (attack).jpg
Vampirism (attack)
Junundu Tunnel.jpg
Junundu Tunnel
Eternal Aura.jpg
Eternal Aura
Junundu Wail.jpg
Junundu Wail
Sweeping Strikes.jpg
Sweeping Strikes
Stun Immunity.jpg
Stun Immunity
Blood Magic: 12+1
Curses: 12
Soul Reaping: 3


See also: Feedback:User/Falconeye/Well Spells

Minion Bombing and other Elites have proven to be more effective.

  • You are the Commander of your army.
  • Your Golem is your tanking Lieutenant who leads the attack and aids your minions in fullfilling thier master's desire.
  • Suffers from lack of bar-compression that other elite animate skills enjoy.
  • Consume Soul and other anti-summon skills make Animate Flesh Golem a joke skill.
  • Like Pets, the Flesh Golem is in need of bonus utilities. Plus its a matter of Campaign themes.
Aura of the Lich's massive AoE summoning combined with buffs to death magic allows for unparalled bar-compression.
With self-exploding Afflicted abound, my Flesh Golem would make partying with 2+ minion masters within a party would ease the use of Blood of the Master.
Jagged Bones is squarely focused on bombing-synergy, while Order of Undeath builds focus on maximizing overall damage output.

See Also[edit]

See postnerf/prebuffed
(the version that kills all minions except one, making it into a Super Minion)